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Dagr – What You Need To Know

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In the middle of last year I wrote about getting the opportunity to contribute, in a small way, with Matthew and Tori Butler-Hart’s latest project…Dagr.  Well, just this week I had an email from Matthew which had some great news…there will be a UK limited cinema release next month followed by a digital release in North America, Australia and New Zealand later in the spring. I’ve also had a sneak peek at a screener version but can’t review it just yet for legal reasons. I will say that it is a real thrill seeing your name in the credits!

What is Dagr?

Dagr is a comedy horror in the found footage sub-genre. Louise and Thea are wannabe YouTube superstars. They disguise themselves as caterers to a film crew making an advert in order to plant hidden cameras to get footage they can use for their own project. Unfortunately, they find something rather unsettling…

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Behind The Camera

Matthew Butler-Hart is the director.  The outline script was written by Matthew and Tori Butler-Hart but the cast were encouraged to improvise and, consequently, get co-writing credits. Executive producers are Game of Thrones star Conleth Hill, Lord of the Rings and X-Men star Ian McKellen and theatre producing legend Anthony Pye-Jeary.

Release Date(s)

There is a limited UK cinema release but it will be available on line from 2nd April 2024.

First Look Trailer


Riz Moritz is Louise, Ellie Duckles is Thea, Tori Butler-Hart is Tori, Matt Barber is Matt, Emma King is Emma, Graham Butler is Gray, Hattie Chapman is Hattie, and Luca Thompson is Professor Blake

Characters, So Far, In Dagr

Louise and Thea are the YouTubers while Tori, Matt, Emma, Gray, and Hattie are the legitimate film crew.

Dagr’s Backstory

Nothing is needed. This is a standalone story you can walk into without worrying about any other history

What people are saying
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dd33803, 07/05/2023

This is a great app. I wish more people would support it

This app provides info about movies, reviews, ratings from people who have seen it before and after viewing. It has links to info about the movies. It let’s you know when there will be a lull in the action and how long it will last. If you want to know what happens during that time, you can check the brief synopsis (you have to click a link, so no accidental spoilers). It has a timer you can set (silent) to alert you to a break. It also tells you whether there is anything extra during or after the credits. It’s really a wonderful app. I’ve subscribed for a couple of years to support the developers, but I noticed some of the links to provide feedback didn’t seem to work today. They also made it free, with voluntary donations to see the pee-times. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to do so, and subscribe if you like it. I really hope the app is supported so it can continue to be maintained!

Developers note: RunPee doesn’t make much money but it supports itself nicely. Donations are appreciated, but not required. We’ll add as many movies to the database as we can until there are no more movie theaters.

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