Movie Review – Land

I loved this movie. I’ve fantasized about doing this over and over. Land showed me that I’m not prepared enough or equipped with the skills to survive. This is a story of Edee trying to figure out why she’s alive. Her heart is broken and wants to give up on people. She moves up into […]

Movie Review – Judas and the Black Messiah

Woohoo! It’s been a while Peeps, and I was happy to mask up and visit my local theatre to see one of my favorite genres: biopics. While the Black Panther Party was an official national political party, this biopic sheds light on one of many stories about the Party within its Chicago headquarters. I am […]

No Watch Film Review – The Butterfly Effect (We can’t watch this movie again. Here’s Why.)

So as Groundhog Day rapidly approaches the people of the United States (honestly, before the film, I’d never heard of it and I think that is true for most people outside the USA), we’ve been doing rewatches or reviews of films that use the time loop trope. Some fit the Groundhog Day format better, while others are peripheral […]

First View Movie Review – The Endless

So where do I begin with The Endless? It only just squeaks in as a Groundhog Day type film. Not because there isn’t a time loop, more likely because there isn’t just the one. There seem to be dozens of them. Some only seem to last seconds, whereas others last longer. There is a consistency regarding […]

Movie Review – The Little Things

It pains me to give Denzel Washington a less than stellar review, but that’s the best I can do with this movie. It was a very tired, overused plot that added nothing to the genre. The acting was respectable although no one is going to walk away with an Oscar. There didn’t seem to be […]

Movie Review – The Mauritanian

I’m giving this movie an A. The acting was over the top amazing, but the other half of me wants to give the movie an F — solely due to the way it made me feel inside. Back when 9/11 happened, RunPee Mom was a flight attendant for Delta, based out of JFK. RunPee Dan […]

Indie Film Review – Paradise Cove

It is possible to make a nail biting thriller of a film around the concept of someone who isn’t the owner of a property refusing to get out and — against all expectations — get the powers that be on their side. Pacific Heights pulled this off in 1990; Paradise Cove has another bite of that particular cherry. […]

Rewatch Movie Review – Twelve Monkeys

For the record, Twelve Monkeys was suggested to me as a rewatch to tie in with the Groundhog Day theme, however, there is no way that Twelve Monkeys is a Groundhog Day film. No ifs, buts, or maybes… it’s a time travel film rather than a time loop film. But, having got it cued up and ready to roll, it seems rude not […]

First View Movie Review – Blood Punch

Blood Punch is an unusual little film. It starts off with our hero, Milton (Milo Cawthorne) waking up in a wilderness lodge on Tuesday. His first action is to run and throw up in a toilet. While he’s there he finds a screen, a load of wires, and a few other bits and pieces in […]

Movie Review – Supernova

Supernova was a very unique movie. While watching it I was awestruck by the performance of Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth. I had read a few interviews done with the two actors and loved how they threw themselves into the characters. The articles were mainly about straight men playing gay men. They both wanted to […]

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