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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #144 (December 14th, 2022)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. Happy Birthday…s! I know that there is a more widely celebrated birthday later in the month but this last week saw the birthdays of two of our favourite thespians. The 9th of December was the 88th […]


Movie Review – Beast

Beast is pretty much a straightforward movie that you would expect from the trailer. Father and daughters visiting a family friend in a South African animal preserve. While traveling through the preserve. A dangerous situation presents itself. Can they survive the beast? Don’t worry it’s not a monster or an alien, it is a rogue, […]


Movie Review – Emily the Criminal

As the trailer tells us, Emily has a large amount of debt and is still struggling to stay afloat. The opportunity to make some quick money by doing something illegal presents itself. Easy money leads to wanting to make more. Bigger payout, bigger risk. Can she handle it or will she get in over her […]

Movie Review – Prey (2022)

Ah, 1987…I remember it well. I am one of those people that, when someone mentions the eighties, thinks “that’s about ten years ago”. I have to have a sit down when I realise it’s actually over thirty years ago. Back then I was, like a lot of people, on an Arnie high; The Terminator was […]


Movie Review – Bodies Bodies Bodies

I didn’t have high expectations for this movie. Something went wrong and there is a killer on the loose at a remote party. We’ve never seen a movie like this before. Cough cough Just kidding. Ok, it did have them playing a live-action version of Werewolf or Among Us. Points on that idea. The drama and […]


Movie Review – Mack & Rita

Mack and Rita was a simple movie that simply didn’t hit home. I’ve been on Mother Earth for almost 5 decades and have never encountered someone as scattered and unbelievably indecisive as the leading lady in this chick flick. I’m my opinion that character ruined the movie, she was absolutely tedious to watch. Here’s the […]

Blockbuster Films, post-Covid: “What You Need To Know” Movie Hub

We all like a bit of news, gossip, rumor, and speculation about movies! Now that it seems like the world is returning to normal after a terrible pandemic, there is a new fervor surrounding film and TV releases. Sometimes there just isn’t time to read long, flowing articles that speculate on what’s coming over the […]


Movie Review – Easter Sunday (2022)

Take stand-up comedy bits and turn it into a movie. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For a comedy, I wasn’t laughing as much as I would have hoped. The movie did have, every family has its rough points but in the end, let’s come together. You know… Live Laugh Love. Wait, did that seem […]


Movie Review – Bullet Train with Brad Pitt (2022)

The best thing about this movie is the humor. The audience laughed countless times. The story is creative. It’s a rare action/mystery movie. Believe me, a lot happens early in the movie that doesn’t always mean what you think it means, like in a mystery movie. So try to pay close attention to details. The […]

Contact – Silver Anniversary Movie Rewatch

What links French philosopher Voltaire, The Return Of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, an ancient king of Assyria, and Captain Picard’s tea? The link is one of my favourite films. That film hits its 25th anniversary this summer; that film is Contact. One other thing before I get going, there may well be spoilers. All […]

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