Fast & Furious – A RunPee Hub

Nope, this isn’t about my writing technique. This is about Universal Picture’s biggest franchise and, at the time of writing, the eighth highest grossing film series with a combined gross of over $6 billion.  What’s it all about? Basically it is a whole franchise based on a live action version of those car racing games […]

One Hub To Rule Them All, One Hub To Find Them…

Here in RunPee Towers we are known for our thousands of articles: reviews, essays, blockbuster predictions, and biographies. Then, when we get a few on a common topic we like to make a hub so that it is a bit easier to find all our words of wisdom. And now we have reached the point […]

With Great Power Comes Another Hub

Spider-Man has proven to be one of the most entertaining and enjoyable sub-threads of the whole Marvel franchise. This is quite a feat given that he’s been in a dozen films so far and portrayed by seven actors. Maybe it is because most of us start to read comic books in our pre to mid […]

The RunPee DC Hub

It’s one of those old, old questions…Mods or Rockers, City or United, Marvel or DC? Recent years have seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the ascendent but DC haven’t actually been dragging their heels. To be honest, there are an awful lot of films and TV series, both live action and animated. Let’s see if […]

To Boldly Go Where No Blog Has Gone Before…

Star Trek is one of those franchises which seems to have been around, almost, forever.  My mother ordered our first ever colour television set in time for her to watch Princess Anne getting married to Captain Mark Phillips back in 1973. When it arrived the first programme we saw was Star Trek: Season 1 , […]

Marvel-ous! RunPee’s Marvel Hub

Ah…Marvel. Say that and everybody, nowadays, thinks of the MCU. However, in the eighty plus years that it has been around it has proven to be a lot more than just that. In 1939 Timely Comics was established. Within a decade that was to become Magazine Management/Atlas Comics. In 1961 it rebranded itself yet again. […]

Guardians Of The Galaxy – Mini Hub

The latest, and final, episode of the Guardians Of The Galaxy trilogy was released yesterday and I have seen it twice already! I think it is fair to say that I think it is a resurgence for the MCU after a few less than spectacular offerings. Guardians Of The Galaxy was renowned for the humour, […]

Easter Hub

Welcome to yet another pagan holiday mercilessly plundered by the mainstream religious groups! Yes, all the stuff about rabbits, eggs, hot cross buns, etc. was doing the rounds way before that guy was nailed to a plank for saying it would be a neat idea if we all started being nice to each other. But […]

MCU TV – Mini Hub

Nobody doubts the effect that the MCU had on the world of blockbuster films. Especially the superhero/comic book/fantasy sub-genre. What was not quite so expected was the studio’s breakthrough into TV.  With the assistance of the newly launched Disney+ service, the MCU had a conduit to the home based, TV watching audience. Well, I say […]

ant-man-and-the-wasp-quantumania sml01

Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania – Mini Hub

What do you need to see before watching Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania? The ever wonderful Jill Florio has put together an article that lays out where you can find any programmes and films that will help to get an understanding of what the Quantum Multiverse is all about; how it works, where it is, what the […]

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