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I didn’t have high expectations for this movie. Something went wrong and there is a killer on the loose at a remote party. We’ve never seen a movie like this before. Cough cough Just kidding. Ok, it did have them playing a live-action version of Werewolf or Among Us. Points on that idea. The drama and paranoia that could come out of that was fun to see. But viewers’ expectations were for more horror, slasher, killer vibe off the trailer. Mystery Drama with a splash of Horror might be better. Because of people’s expectations, it doesn’t surprise me that it is not sitting well with everyone. Let alone the ending. I also had those expectations. This is one of those I ended up finding my own way to have fun and enjoy the movie.

This is where I might lose some of you and my age might be showing. The cast is all relatively young 20-somethings. Besides one older character. There are five women at the party. I couldn’t help but start thinking of some of them as the Spice Girls. “What is Sporty Spice going to do now? She’s definitely Baby Spice. She’s got to be Scary Spice. Who is Posh Spice then?” That kind of thing. Yes, it’s not completely fair to the movie but I was having my own fun trying to have them fit into the Spice girl rolls. Also, all the young characters are very much of the generation that talk and argue like they’re on Twitter. So when they were arguing with each other, there were definitely some groans or eye-rolls with some of the phrasings and arguments happening. But another pleasure I took away from this movie was watching the live-action Twitter eat themselves alive. Too dark? Well, it helped me enjoy the movie more. Again I highly doubt that this movie intended that for the viewers. So I’m not going to give them that credit. If they did, way big bonus points for them. But I have no way of knowing that and really don’t care that much.

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So if you’re still with me, that’s the takeaway. The movie is not great. If you come in with expectations for more of a mystery, or drama, with a splash of horror. You will probably do better than just expecting a horror slasher film. I have said it before if you can’t enjoy the movie for what they are presenting. Find your own way to have some fun with it, like I did. This is why I gave it the rating I did.

Tell a friend to see it?
Maybe. The right friend coming in with the right expectations.

Would I rewatch it?
Probably not. I had my fun with it. Unless the above-mentioned friend wants me to come with.

Would I want to own a copy?

Must-see in theaters?
Nothing of this movie requires the big screen or sound. The story could transfer to the small screen.

Grade: C-

About The Peetimes: I found 2 Peetimes. Recommend the 2nd one. Enjoy the show.

There are no extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Rated: (R) Pervasive Language | Drug Use | Bloody Images | Sexual References | Violence
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Rachel Sennott
Director: Halina Reijn
Writer(s): Sarah DeLappe, Kristen Roupenian
Language: English
Country: United States

When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game turns deadly in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong.

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    Steve T

    Deer reader in the future,

    I’ll still stand by my initial thoughts. But I have to eat a little bit of crow. Apparently the filmmakers/director writer did have intention of the Gen Z commentary. That once you take away the internet and loss of power, Gen Zs don’t know how to handle things. They’re not used to actual human connection and conversating. The above statement about gen z was from a few different interviews. Feel free to fact check me.

    All right crow time. Now knowing that was part of the intention for Bodies Bodies Bodies. My review really should be higher but I’m not going to go back in time and edit it. The power internet means that I could and no one would know. Unless you happen to have read it before now. Or the classic screenshot of course. Anyway I didn’t give the filmmakers credit at the time. For that I apologize. but I shouldn’t have to always do homework before going and see a movie. Anyways…

    For what’s it’s worth, let me finish by saying now knowing those things. I probably would give Bodies Bodies Bodies:

    Rating: B+

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