Movie Review – The King’s Man

Let me start off by saying, this is an origin story for Kingsman, and it serves its purpose well. The origin story was mentioned briefly in the first Kingsman when Harry (Galahad) introduced Eggsy to the secret service. This movie fits that storyline and delivers it well and digs it deeper with the father-son relationship. […]

Movie Review – Encanto

  I was looking forward to this cute animation after seeing the trailer, and hoping for it to be something like Coco. Well, it’s not, in case you are wondering. To be honest, this movie is kinda boring to me. Why am I still putting it in the A-league? Because I assume the main audience […]

Movie Review – The French Dispatch

Before I dive into the review, there are two things I want to make clear. First, The French Dispatch is a hard movie to do Peetimes for, which makes it hard to write a fair review, since I couldn’t be fully invested in the experience. But I will try to do my best. Second, if […]


Movie Review – Reminiscence

This movie had the potential to be great, yet it was just okay. Don’t take me wrong, I enjoyed it. Especially the great performances by Hugh Jackman, Thandiwe Newton, and Rebecca Ferguson. Bonus points for Asian actor Daniel Wu, who was the Prince Charming in every girl’s dream back in the 2000s in China. I […]


Movie Review – Cruella

Let me start by apologizing for not being able to do Peetimes on the opening night, cause I got sick in the theater. Dan and I went back and watched it together the next day, and we both agreed this movie is hard to do Peetimes for. While the movie is longish, it’s tight. There […]


Movie Review – Those Who Wish Me Dead

Have you ever had your friend tell you a story that they were excited about but sounds bland to you and they end with, “I don’t do it justice, it’s better if you were there”? This is that kind of movie. It’s not bad — it’s just bland. You will experience touching moments here and […]


Is Mulan A True Story? Answered by a native Chinese

A Ballad in The 500s China Everyone knows that Mulan is an old Chinese tale. But is it just a story? Or is Mulan real? Having grown up in China, I learned the ballad of Mulan in 7th grade. Just like you, I had wondered if this brave and extraordinary young woman ever existed in […]

5 Plot Holes in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is an enjoyable movie, mostly due to the epic scenery, emotionally touching moments, and humor sprinkled throughout, but it has a plot structure that’s no better than the LEGO Star Wars movie.

7 Hidden Clues/Humor You Might Have Missed in Knives Out.[Spoilers!]

So far, the RunPee Family watched Knives Out 7 times combined to do the Peetimes. Yes, it’s that hard! The movie is filled with clue Easter eggs. Like one of the characters says, “This guy pretty much lives in a clue board.” Watching it the second time the next day, I noticed so many things […]

Movie Review – Last Christmas

This movie caters to a particular audience because it’s almost a textbook for its genre — rom-com. If you enjoy this genre, this movie will press all your buttons. By “textbook,” I don’t mean this is a dull movie. On the contrary, it’s packed with sarcastic British humor. You will laugh at least once. I […]

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