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Movie review : Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness Buy the soundtrack for Edge of Darkness Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon Mel Gibson provides just the right touch in Edge of Darkness – he’s a sweetheart father, a rough Boston cop dedicated to his job, and pretty darned good at psyching people out to give up their creepy intel. He’s […]

Movie review : When in Rome

When in Rome Buy the soundtrack for When in Rome Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon I like Kristen Bell; she is a doll. When in Rome is charming fluff to pleasantly fill an hour and make you want to believe in magic. Maybe. Ignore the plot holes and try to just have fun. The […]

Movie review : Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures Buy the soundtrack for Extraordinary Measures Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon This was a major disappointment, sad to say. The sick children were perky and adorable, and it was neat to watch Harrison Ford play a crotchety misogynist. And…that’s about it. B- and rent the DVD if you must. Here is the […]

Movie review : Legion

Legion Buy the soundtrack for Legion Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon Legion. Big sigh. I wanted so much more. It’s about Revelations, sorta, and that is a really big deal in Christian mythology. Four horsemen, the holy host, avenging angels. The legions of God, right? Thus the title? We got boils and locusts. And…strangely […]

Movie review : Leap Year

Leap Year Buy the soundtrack for Leap Year Purchase at Amazon.com With its stunning on-location southwest Irish landscapes, Leap Year is a sweet treat for the eyes. The leads are easy on the oculars also. We don’t get anything new here – our characters share in their disdain for each other, bickering their way from […]

Movie review : Daybreakers

Daybreakers Buy the soundtrack for Daybreakers Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com Do all angsty, brooding, attractive vampires have to be named Edward? Oh, wait, we also had Angel and Louis. Okay, strike that, but it’s still weirdly coincidental. I saw this movie yesterday and have a lot to say about it. Still compiling my […]

Movie review : Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Buy the soundtrack for Sherlock Holmes Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com . . Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes legions can relax; this Holmes outing isn’t too egregious. In fact, it’s even a good time for all. The plot isn’t really afoot, here. In other words, the plot is only okay – it has notes […]