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How to Use PeeTimes at RunPee.com

We often get people wondering how to use RunPee properly as movie breaks. For using the website itself (if you don’t have the iPhone app), it’s really very easy to be armed with proper PeeTimes at the movie theater, and relax…knowing you won’t waste your theater ticket money by leaving at inopportune moments. You can […]

Are Modern Movies Too Long?

Bladder Bursting Blockbusters – are modern movies too long? As Alfred Hitchcock said, “The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.” Beautifully said and appropriate for most films. The above-linked Yahoo News Story lists wonderful films clocking in at 90 minutes – Star Wars, Raiders of the […]

New Transformers Review posted on RunPee

RunPee has a new movie reviewer for Science Fiction movies in the esteemed Michelle Taylor, Science Fiction Movies Editor at BellaOnline.com. She’s posted her Transformers review on our blog –> Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen <– (it’s a cool review) From Michelle Taylor’s bio on BellaOnline.com: As far as movies go, I am not […]

Femeze Incontinence Panties – not granny-like at all!

Always on the lookout for ways to improve people’s lives bladder-wise, RunPee found a dainty form of “stress incontinence” control in these normal-looling women’s panties by Femeeze. I am not sure what stress incontinence is firsthand, but I imagine pregnant women and ladies experiencing menopause might understand. If you notice from the photos, the urine […]

iPhone Mobile Version of RunPee Now Released

Here is our new press release on the BRAND NEW, just released iPhone application, available at iTunes! YAY! We’re so thrilled it’s finally live and ready for $1.99 downloading. Our fresh press relase, for anyone who might like to post this: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dan Florio, 310-977-0553 polyGeek@RunPee.com NEW iPHONE APP LETS MOVIEGOERS ENJOY […]

World’s Worst Toilet Awards

I love talking toilet trash. That’s kinda what’s appealing about RunPee, in a sense. I mean, we all “go” … several times a day, every day, if you’re normal. So of course talking about peeing is interesting, even if socially we can’t admit it. That’s why I found the Titanic Awards website so morbidly fascinating. […]