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8 Amazing TV Shows about the College Experience

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There are lots of TV shows and dashing movies about college life. Although they have the same tropes, they are very different in the genre and approach. It is understandable as college life has so many aspects to it. It can be anything like a new social circle, a new academic curriculum, a part-time job, and adulting. That’s why it is so enjoyable to watch them while you are a student – they can be very relatable. If you were looking for a list of TV shows about college to binge-watch, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you are thinking “that’s great, but who will write an essay for me while I’m watching these?” So why not just relax and have some me-time with a good TV show?

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This is arguably one of the best TV shows about the college experience. It is a very clever and funny series about students of a community college that start a study group. All of them are extremely different people from contrasting backgrounds. Yet, they manage to stay together and even build meaningful relationships. This show is incredibly ironic and postmodern. It is filled with pop culture references, astonishing adventures, and even multiple reality episodes. Overall, it is a light-hearted and enjoyable show.

How to Get Away With Murder

If you want something more serious and thrilling, this might be a good pick. It is a detective and crime series about law students and their excellent professor of Criminology. Coincidentally, the students get involved in a real murder case as the name suggests. The series is very attention-grabbing and an audience can try and guess who did it and how. It is a bit on the dramatic side with unexpected turns.

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Dear White People

For those who want a more realistic show, Netflix has something to offer. This is a relatively new drama series about Black students in Ivy League colleges. The plot revolves around their struggles and everyday injustices they have to meet. It is quite interesting and gives more insight into social issues and prejudice of modern society, especially when it comes to elite universities. No surprise that this story has been critically acclaimed. But even without a critique of educational elitism, it is a very entertaining and interesting series.

Scream Queens

This is a show that deconstructs all college life tropes. It is a comedy with mystery and murder. It is something between Glee and American Horror Story. The cast is great; the plot is interesting and sometimes ridiculous. It is very grotesque, which makes it truly entertaining. It is funny, gory, and ironic.

Fresh Meat

British shows are known for quality and this one is no exception to the rule. Fresh Meat is a comedy-drama about a group of students that have to share a living together. They rent a house near the campus and it becomes the main location for all stories. There are four seasons with 5 episodes each, so it is quite manageable when it comes to binging. It is a bit of a “coming of age” story for different characters that navigate adulthood, love, college, and all things related. And it is inherently British, which creates a unique atmosphere.


Hello, My Twenties!

This is a nice choice for those who are into Korean dramas. It is available on Netflix and consists of two seasons. It is very lighthearted and nice. The plot is quite traditional – several students share a living space together. And they face various adventures that come their way in their twenties. The main characters are five girls that become friends. It is not very long so it won’t take much time. And the series is quite entertaining.

Gossip Girl

This is almost a classic show now. The plot revolves around rich kinds of Manhattan Upper East Side. Four main characters navigate school, social life, love, and all those fancy parties. The main mystery of the series is a mystery gossip girl that reveals a personal secret of other characters in each episode. It is a drama with stunning costumes. There is not very much to it, but many people might like to get their mind off things.

Veronica Mars

The first season of this noir detective drama starts in high-school. But later, the main characters enter college. The main plotline is the mysterious death of the protagonist’s friend. Veronica is a student and the daughter of a private detective. She helps her father with small cases, finds her own, and works on her friend’s case. It is an interesting story with one general line for each season and a separate story for each episode.

In Summary

Hopefully, this list will help you to find something exciting to watch. Whether you are into detectives, thrillers, classic comedy, or drama – there is something for you. Maybe you’ll find something relatable in the stories or just relax and escape from worries.

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  1. I adored Veronica Mars, although I have to say the 1st season is superior to the 2nd and 3rd. It’s very clever. And Logan is awesome.

    Nice post, thanks!

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