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Movie review : Daybreakers

Daybreakers Buy the soundtrack for Daybreakers Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com Do all angsty, brooding, attractive vampires have to be named Edward? Oh, wait, we also had Angel and Louis. Okay, strike that, but it’s still weirdly coincidental. I saw this movie yesterday and have a lot to say about it. Still compiling my […]

Movie review : Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Buy the soundtrack for Sherlock Holmes Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com . . Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes legions can relax; this Holmes outing isn’t too egregious. In fact, it’s even a good time for all. The plot isn’t really afoot, here. In other words, the plot is only okay – it has notes […]

Movie review : The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog Buy the soundtrack for The Princess and the Frog Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com Unfortunately, I had the flu this week and did not want to spread it to a theater rull of children (or anyone, f0r that matter). So we asked Dan’s mother to get the PeeTimes for […]

Movie review : Armored

Armored Buy the soundtrack for Armored Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com Armored is a nondemanding bit of amiable escapism. I appreciated the thriller’s lean pace, warehouse visuals and Columbus Short’s earnest, determined characterization. In the latter half of the film, it felt like a non-humorous version of Die Hard. No dig intended: I mean […]

Movie review : Transylmania

Transylmania What WAS this? Somewhere between a soft porn flick and a teen-humor gross-out gag film. The movie seems to want to fall into the American Pie and Something About Mary genres. Don’t be fooled. The script lacks their cleverness but piles on the bodily humor. There are boobies, penises, farts, vomiting, midgets, pot parties, […]

RunPee Android App in Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Movie Website Saving Bladders one Mobile Application at a Time Subject of press release: Release of an Android mobile phone application for the movie website RunPee.com. Contact: Dan Florio Company: RunPee.com Address: RVing across the USA Phone: 310-977-0553 Email: polyGeek@RunPee.com URL: http://blog.runpee.com/news [links for the phenomenal media coverage on RunPee.com] Southern California […]