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10 Best Educational TV Shows College Students Should Watch to be Inspired

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Television shows can be extremely effective in inspiring students, especially students who are currently going to college. Just like a writing essays service offering consulting, editing, and other kinds of help the television shows can provide different types of education to the college students who are ready to soak in a variety of knowledge during this part of their lives.

The group of young adults is now ready to conquer the adult world from the newly gained versatile knowledge which is no longer restricted to the mere academic content of their study books. They have started to become more vocal about social issues.

Therefore, the educational TV shows will pave the way for engaging into topics which are beyond their academic margins.

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Here are 10 best educational television shows that can be thoroughly enjoyed by college students, while becoming a source of great inspiration.

Mahi Way

With adulthood comes a plethora of problems. One of the major problems that the young college going adults have to go through is the issue associated with confidence. They tend to suffer from confidence issues related to their career, their body weight, their appearance and so on and so forth.

Mahi Way is a television series portraying the story of a girl who is a little more than twenty years old. The protagonist has been shown to deal with confidence issues which are stemming from her problem of being overweight. The television series shows her journey of being fat and the inhibitions that she has experienced throughout her life, finally emerging victorious by realizing the irrelevance of societal norms.

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The series makes a scathing commentary against the debilitating societal norms of beauty and body image and so on. It puts forward the opinion that body weight does not matter and that the protagonist is second to none, as wrongly portrayed by the society. Just the way a student asks an assignment help as ‘do my programming homework’, the television show asks the society to eliminate the predetermined concepts of beauty and body image. CCNA certification practice test.

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is a television series that portrays the life and experiences of an autistic surgical resident, namely Shaun Murphy. It presents a heartwarming yet suspenseful collection of the life of the doctor. It is an extremely inspiring story in the way Shaun and his colleagues have been shown to tend to the patients and deal with the healing process in several health-related cases.

The series can be considered to be educational for all the students who are currently going to college, in the regard that autism should not be perceived as an obstacle in their lives. Rather, it is a condition with which people can deal and should deal by continuing to live their dreams.

This series can help in the process of elimination of prejudices in relation to problems such as autism. By watching this series, the students who are still unaware of the condition of autism can learn and understand it thoroughly through the life of the protagonist Shaun Murphy.

In addition to that, the series portrays an insight into the lives and contributions of the doctors, an aspect that ought to be remembered and respected by every individual citizen.

Drive Thru History

Drive Thru History is an extremely interesting travel show series that is hosted by Dave Stotts. The travel series takes the viewers through an exquisitely beautiful and insightful journey through the television screens to various places of the world. The series is not only extremely pleasing to the eyes for the beautiful scenery and the different new places, but is also extremely insightful. It helps in the exploration of history through the lens of entertainment.

The series thoroughly enriches the viewers into knowing about different places, their cultures, food habits, systems, traditions and customs, historical significance, anthropologic value, and so on. Just the way students request to buy coursework online, this series is an all-enmeshed and exciting show which provides a daily dose of history with a flavor of entertainment and fun.

This can be definitely considered as an educational television series as it provides knowledge in the garb of entertainment and visual pleasure.

Myth Busters

Myth Busters is a television series conducted and hosted by Jamie and Adam, who inspect a number of common myths and attempt to find the truth and reality behind those myths. Through the television show, a number of prevalent myths have been busted which are extremely common in young adults.

For instance, cold water increases body weight is a common myth believed by a number of young adults. However, through the help of the television show, such myths and similar ones are effectively busted.

As a result of which, the young college students develop a clear understanding of the different aspects of the world. It is an especially interesting show for the ones with an investigative bend of mind. This show can also influence and inspire the young adults to find out certain myths and bust it themselves in order to create a better and more informed world.

Through the busting of myths, the college students not only help enhance their understanding, but also develop a skeptical and critical mindset, where they decide not to believe anything merely on the basis of face value.

Rather they offer in depth thought and analysis to the different topics that attract their attention.

Modern Family

Modern Family is an extremely entertaining television show which depicts the daily experiences of a contemporary family. Garbed in the outward mould of funny incidents, the series is certainly of a pretty deep nature. As it is probably known to everyone by now, young adults tend to think about various issues, which are beyond their academic boundaries.

As a result of which, a number of societal issues make them wreck their brains over them. Modern Family is a series that will almost be like a food for their soul, a content that will quench their mounting questions regarding the prevalent societal issues.

The television show presents the incidents taking place in the lives of the people of a family with distinct generation gaps. The show implicitly discusses the ways in which people ought to deal with generation gaps and in what ways generation gaps need to be bridged by the two sides equally.

Generation gap is an emerging problem in the present century where with the advancement of technology, younger and older generations are compelled to go separate ways. The show provides insight regarding the issue in an extremely positive manner.

In addition to that, the television show also attempts to destigmatize a number of prevalent societal issues such as homosexuality, adoption, the problems faced by a home maker during her transition to be a working woman, and so on.

All these issues are extremely pertinent in the current societal scenario, therefore extremely relevant too.

Horrible Histories

Judging by the name, Horrible Histories does not seem to quite fit the generic educational shows that ought to inspire students who are currently going to college. However, it is important that you know that names and titles can be extremely deceiving.

Although it can be said that this particular television show is not particularly similar to the other history shows, which are in a way extremely serious and replete with information. This show is completely different and unique as it provides amazing information and facts but veils it with the garb of humor.

The show host presents the information and facts in an extremely fun and entertaining manner, such that, you will not be able to decipher that you are actually going through a learning process. It is a fun way of learning history and historical stories at a very quick pace and in an interesting manner.


The television show Community is a greatly fun series which revolves around an extremely interesting topic namely the need for no restriction regarding the acquiring of knowledge. The series is based upon the lives of a few characters belonging to different professions as well as age groups, such as a study group consisting of members like a billionaire, a lawyer and an activist. They are engaged in acquiring education in a community college where they have been shown to bond greatly and strongly.

Although the show is not generically an educational television show, it has a number of educational concepts which can be helpful for the purpose of expansion of mind and knowledge in the young college going adults. The television show helps to eliminate the prejudice regarding the barrier of age that is usually attached to the acquisition of education.

It will help the young adults to open their minds in an innovative manner, and not be judgmental towards people who are different from them. The show teaches a lesson on the current concepts of divergence and inclusivity from various perspectives.

How It’s Made

This is an extremely interesting educational television program that is absolutely perfect for the students who have started going to college. The show gives a thorough insight as to how things are made and manufactured in factories and other manufacturing plants.

Although it is not particularly related to academics, the show can prove to be helpful for students who enjoy learning new things and gain extra knowledge, especially knowledge that is outside and beyond their respective fields. The host of the television show offers continuous commentary during the show in order to facilitate the understanding and that too in a lucid manner.

Forensic Files

If you are someone who thoroughly enjoys forensics, medicine and police investigations, then Forensic Files is simply made for you. Just the way students ask someone to pay someone to do my homework, you can ask yourself for a favor and watch this television show, as you are going to love it immensely. Forensic Files is not really an entertainment program, moreover, it is made in the form of a documentary as well as a case profile display.

In the show, there is no case of a linear plot and recurring characters as usually observed in the other television series. Rather the episodes always tend to begin by showing the profile of the victim, after which the discussion is conducted. The later section of the program deals with the way in which the incident has occurred, how the authorities have reacted as well as the procedure of law enforcement.

The Newsroom

The Newsroom is an educational television show that presents to its audience the behind the scenes of a commercially successful news program. It is an extremely underrated political drama that represents the underlying conditions of the various media houses.

This show will help to promote knowledge regarding the functioning and operation of the different news channels and organizations. This is most definitely a must watch show for the college students who are studying journalism.

However, the media is a common matter of interest for every college student; therefore, everyone might find it to be extremely knowledgeable and insightful.

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