The Dumb Movies – How films earn D grades at RunPee

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dumb and dumber jim carrey
Dumb & Dumber is a good movie. But if these characters made their own movie, it would be DUMB.

Here we are near the very bottom of the barrel, after detailed discussion of our A, B, and C range ratings. What films rate the “dumb” D grades at RunPee? How many movies are this bad…and what makes them suck?

Just to be clear, a D grade is a FAIL, movie-wise, because you pay money to see these things, and you shouldn’t have to. It’s just not as miserable a fail as an F. As we kind of reserve F grades to make a total statement, a movie clocking in with any kind of D kind of proves that we still cared enough, on some level, to write a proper critique in our reviews.

What earns a D grade?

D grades are just below average, which doesn’t sound that bad. A C is average in any bell curve. But at $15 a ticket we want more than an average night at the cinema. We expect at least a B grade, and hope for an A.

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With a D or less, we just want our money back.

Ever see those trailers that make a movie look great, but show the only usable scenes to be found? Well…you can stay home and watch that trailer for free. A D film is an embarrassment: the studio knows it; the actors know it; you feel cheated. Because you are.

Some movies can only attain a high mark of Dumb.


We award a fair amount of D+ grades at RunPee. This is a film that is almost average. Which is damning with extremely faint praise. It’s a bad movie, but not entirely without merit. Some people might enjoy it on its own terms: it can be considered so bad it verges into good. Something like The Room. Seriously, people love it. And it’s also very, very bad.

A D+ can be a Very Special Category if you appreciate ‘bad’ films. 🙂

If we were teachers, we would say, “We know you can earn a passing grade if you tried harder.” A D+ is almost never worth paying a full priced ticket for, but can be worth a venture on discount nights. Don’t expect much.

Or get really soused for a streaming night with friends. Not that we officially recommend that kind of thing.


Solidly poor. On how many levels can a movie suck?

  • Acting
  • Casting
  • Directing
  • Premise
  • Story Development
  • Soundtrack
  • Writing
  • Chemistry
  • World Building
  • Atmosphere
  • Visual, Practical, and CGI Effects
  • Villain Development
  • Climax
  • Plot Device
  • Continuity
  • Dialogue
  • Miserable Retcons that dis the fans
  • Original Deadpool in Wolverine Origins 😉


Bad to awful. It’s simple: never go to the theater for a movie if we bother to give a D-.

Actually, we don’t recommend seeing anything under a C- in the theaters, but there’s no accounting for tastes, and sometimes we have a bug up our butts about a particular movie at the moment, and end up downgrading it unfairly. We try not to do that, but it happens.

Overall, if we bother with a D-, we firmly believe nobody will be satisfied throwing movie money away on said flick.

Ready to hear what gets an F grade at RunPee? There’s more truly garbage movies out there than we expected when we started reviewing…

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