Indie Movie Review – The Last Thing Mary Saw

The Last Thing Mary Saw starts off as a stereotypical American Gothic horror; all darkness, black clothing, and moodiness set in mid 19th century New York. The first thing is a John Calvin quote “All events whatsoever are governed by the secret counsel of God”  which always seems to me to be saying “do whatever you want because […]

Bright Hill Road

Indie Movie Review – Bright Hill Road

Bright Hill Road is one of those interesting but unsettling films that make you wonder exactly what you’re watching and what you’re in for. We start off with Marcy (Siobhan Williams) waking up in bed. She seems a bit befuddled, and a scan around her bedroom shows a lot of wine bottles — which gives the […]

Top 5 Whodunnits in Film

After months of positive buzz, Rian Johnson’s mystery Knives Out is finally being released.  It features an all-star cast with Daniel Craig playing the detective, and Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis among the suspects.  In case this new release whets your appetite for a good mystery, here’s my list of top five […]

Movie Review – The Intruder

The Intruder was a decent film. The story has been done before and was really predictable, but the performance that Dennis Quaid gave made it enjoyable to watch. He really brought his character to life. That was fun. Basically, this was Cold Creek Manor all over again with Quaid as the bad guy, instead of […]

Movie Rewatch Review of X-Files – I Want To Believe

The X-Files now has nine television seasons, two movies, and two short-term TV revivals under their belt. This no-spoiler rewatch is for the second feature film,  I Want To Believe, taking place years (both in-universe and out) after the final run of original TV episodes, and before both revivals were even a concept. (Is this […]