Thirty Years Just Flies By – Strictly Ballroom – A Rewatch Review

On 10th May 1992 a film was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and received a fifteen minute standing ovation. Then an agent from the Rank Organisation dashed in to snap up the UK film rights. It was the debut feature from a young Australian auteur who would go on to win awards for theatre, […]

Indie Movie Review – Bite Me (2019)

  So…yet another vampire film. Whenever you think of a vampire film you automatically start thinking of garlic, holy water, stakes, and factor five hundred sunscreen. Let’s just throw it in the “horror” bin and see what comes up next. But wait a minute…Bite Me isn’t really a horror film. Other than the fact there […]


Indie Movie Review – A Ghost Waits

My name is Rob, and I’m a cinema addict. When the world was open I was retired and had Infinity cards both for RunPee and for my local cinema; I’d peaked at seeing three films in a day and going four or five days a week. Then it all closed down. However, I was luckier […]


Christmas Movie Review – Happiest Season

Happiest Season is a Christmas film. I thought I’d better just make that clear given the article elsewhere! Anyway, this is a Christmas film through and through. The essence of it is a couple going away to spend the holidays with one of the families. It’s a fairly standard rom-com where one of the couple […]

First View Movie Review – Hitch

Will Smith stars in what I assumed would be a kind of ‘how-to dating primer’ for men. Isn’t that the premise? To take a man, any man, and show him how to use his natural personality to compete in today’s high stakes digital dating world, and get his confidence strong enough to get the girl. […]

Movie Review – Isn’t It Romantic – Fluffy, Good Fun

  Can Rebel Wilson carry off the lead in a ‘Rom-Com’? Oh you bet she can, and Isn’t It Romantic is a great launching pad for her new status as a leading lady. This movie was exactly as advertised: 88 minutes of pure fluff, but I say that fondly. I’m a little like Rebel’s character, […]