Breaking Down Love, Death & Robots episode by episode

I’ll try to add a little bit for everyone here. To start off I have a brief non-spoilery review of each episode. Following that, I grouped the episodes into Funny and Thought-Provoking groups in case you really only want to see one or the other. Finally, I have a list of my favorite episodes. I’d […]

Movie Review – Bigbug (2022)

I’ve never hidden the fact that I like modern French cinema. Luc Besson has made at least three of my all time top twenty favourite films.  Another director with three in my twenty was Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I say “was” because Bigbug has joined the others to give him four. His previous three entries in my […]


How to make Netflix Parties with your friends

Quarantine left you feeling lonely? Sick of watching movies by yourself every day? Netflix has a novel solution to let you make watch parties around the world with your best buds: the new Netflix Party feature. If you have a Netflix account, this function is free! See movies together while still obeying isolation laws during […]


How to Host a Movie Night in Quarantine

Like in the movie ZombieLand, the streets are empty (excepting potential plague carriers), and movie theaters are long since closed. Closed, shuttered, empty — with no opening dates in sight. We still have Netflix, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and many, many streaming platforms for entertainment in Quarantine Land, for film nights to share with family and friends. […]

Movie Review – The Irishman

Martin Scorsese worked on The Irishman for twelve years.  The budget for the film kept increasing until no studio would touch it except Netflix.  Scorsese’s last film, Silence, was critically acclaimed but a box office failure.  And it got snubbed at the Oscars.  So the question hanging over The Irishman is, “Is it any good?” […]

Russian Doll Theme Song – Gotta Get Up Video & Lyrics (Netflix Does Groundhog Day)

Have you binged the new Netflix show Russian Doll? Season One is only eight episodes (a half hour each) long, and I snapped them up like candy all on one night. What makes that even better was I watched it on February 2, that oddball American holiday known as Groundhog Day. Used to be that […]

Russian Doll is the newest Netflix Addition to the Groundhog Day Loop Theme – and it looks GREAT

  RunPeep Shani pointed out that Russian Doll, a new Netflix show, has a Groundhog Day theme. From the trailers it looks like a funny cross between Happy Death Day  (sequel coming Feb 14 this year), and the original Murray’s Groundhog Classic. I’m in! We think Shani Olgive will do a binge review series too…but […]