F Movies – What films FAIL at RunPee

The dreaded F. These are the abominations littering the sticky cinema screening floor. They waste everyone’s time and money — whether it’s the production studio, the actors or director, the poor crew, and (especially) the viewers. Could they be any worse? They aren’t worth going straight to video. They aren’t worth seeing free on Netflix. […]


How movies earn an A Grade at RunPee

We consider an A, any A, from – to +, to be the best a movie in its genre has to offer. And while we sometimes — especially in long-running franchises — grade on a curve, we believe an A movie fulfills our expectations of a feature film of its type. So while all movies […]


Weekly Peeple’s Poll Results for March 9, 2020

No Surprise that OnWard (Read the full review) leapt to the top of the Peeple’s Poll after its opening weekend. It was another average Pixar movie, meaning it was wonderful. Let’s face it, the floor for a #Pixar movie is higher than the ceiling for the majority of movies. #Onward — RunPee (movie app/film hub) […]

All Joker Performances — Ranked

There’s no denying that the Joker is Batman’s greatest foe. He’s appeared in every type of media there is and been brought to life by some of the biggest actors in Hollywood. But which performance was the best? Below is an attempt to answer that question in chronological order.

Infographic of every star wars movie fan-rank via imdb and rottentomatos.

Infographic of every Star Wars movie ranked by fans on IMDb and RottenTomatoes

Take a tour of this infographic showing how fans rated every movie in the Star Wars franchise on IMDb and RottenTomotoes.