Rewatch Movie Review – The Boat That Rocked

While working on the Rhys Ifans article I had an opportunity/excuse to re-watch The Boat That Rocked. I don’t need an excuse to watch it more than the couple or three times a year it currently gets. Why does The Boat That Rocked resonate so much for me? Why does it feel like Richard Curtis […]

Rewatch Reviews – Arthur Christmas

First off, I LOVE Arthur Christmas! It is funny, entertaining, and endlessly re-watchable. The talent on display is awesome and the attention to detail is breathtaking. There are so many little things that you either see for the first time when you watch it, or can point out to other people who haven’t spotted it. It’s […]


Movie Review – About Time (2013)

It’s not a Groundhog Day movie About Time has time travel in it. Let’s get that out of the way. And while on the surface it seems to feature a Groundhog temporal loop, it doesn’t. The young man in question (a sincere, naive Domhnall Gleeson) can go back in time and fix things as often […]

bill nighy singing about christmas in love actually.

Love, Actually and Christmas Is All Around (That “Festering Turd of a Record”)

Bill Nighy rocks. And in Love, Actually, he rocks even harder as a washed up, has-been rock star, an aging bad boy we can’t help but love. Also, he’s one of those actors I’m certain can do no wrong. Hear that, Nighy? We’re all in agreement here: RunPee loves you. 🙂 Love, Actually is one […]