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How to write a Movie review guide for dummies

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Film reviews are a point of interest for all. Whether you are the audience, a filmmaker, or an actor, writing and reading film reviews can sharpen your ability to critically analyze and evaluate. Once you start writing reviews, you can look beyond the prominent aspects of a filmmaking, e.g., the costume designs.  

Did you ever watch a film and exclaimed: “this film is amazing”? Well, dig deep into the film to analyze every aspect of it. We assure you will find out how it is more than just impressive.

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What is a movie review?  

A movie review is a balanced synthesis of the reviewer’s point of view, further analyzed. Moreover, the film review is a sub-part of creative review writing. Since a film is classified as an artwork, you will have to adopt a creative yet evaluative approach while writing. This combination will allow you to produce high-quality work that will tempt the masses.  

As for the review structure, the text for a review shall not exceed 1000 words and should have a reasonable length.  

However, to further enhance your review writing skills, you will have to learn how to write a movie review. For this purpose you can read from different websites and collect authentic information with the use of some good resources.

How to write a movie review?  

If you are thinking of writing a movie review on your favourite movie, but you are a beginner, here is how to write a film review for dummies.  

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Step#1 Watch the movie  

This may be an obvious step, but it is an important one.  

Head over to YouTube or Netflix and play the movie all over again with the perspective of analyzing it. While doing so, note the slightest of the detail, including the actors’ performance, direction, and aesthetics.  

Also, you can take down notes for future reference. This will help you keep track of where exactly you noticed a particular element.  

Step#2 Know your readers 

Are you writing for a fan site, a national site, or a teen magazine? 

Before starting to work on the review, consider the audience who will read your film reviews. A national news outlet will require a different writing style for a fan site or a magazine.  

Therefore, you will have to decide the writing technique based on your audience.  

Step#3 research well  

Researching is the key.  

Before writing a film review, it is imperative to know about the actors’ profiles and professional opinions. Viewers would appreciate it if you add a little comment on the prominent actors’ performance and their overall persona throughout the film. 

The more you read about the movie, the better you will be able to write.  

However, do not limit your research to the movie only. Keep a close eye on the fellow reviewers and observe the way they write. In this way, your understanding of review writing will improve, and you will be to draw a proper structure for your film review.  

Step#3 Express  

It is better to voice out your original opinions while writing a review than to fake one.  

Therefore, do not hesitate to address the flaws within the direction, special effects, or actors’ performance.  

If you feel like the cinematography or costume designs were not up to the mark, mention it but in a subtle way.  

Similarly, feel free to appreciate the excellent areas of the film. Readers would love a bit of praise for their ideal actor.  

Step#4 Avoid giving away spoilers 

Did you ever hate it when a friend accidentally blurted out the plot twist of a latest movie you were thinking to watch? Well, everyone hates it.

The audience highly dislikes spoilers in the reviews. No one will want to know if their favorite character lives or dies.  

We understand that referring to the movie while analyzing aspects while avoiding spoilers may be a daunting task, but you can avoid it in the best way possible.  

To eliminate spoilers, avoid mentioning any plot twists, the climax scene, and anything that gives a hint of what will happen.  

On the other hand, having little or massive spoilers can discourage the audience from further reading the review. Henceforth, spoilers might make your content unappealing.  

Step#5 Review and edit your work  

Once you have written the review, it’s about time you should take a break.  

Once you have gained back your energy, start reviewing your work.  

Read and reread the text to ensure everything is in place. Also, check for grammatical errors and sentence structures.  

A variety of sentence structures can help break the monotony. Alongside this, look out for any spelling errors or any information you might have missed out.  

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To conclude, look for the inner voice. Not everyone has the same writing and expression; every writer’s distinctive ability makes their content stand out. To find your unique point, analyze your capability and interests. Only then will you be able to grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to read more.  

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