2014 year in review

This has been the most financially successful year in RunPee history. I think we’re in good shape to be around for a long time to come. The biggest personal news is that I bought a house! RunPee HQ is now located in Swannanoa, North Carolina — just outside of Asheville.
View from office

Here’s a picture from the office/bedroom window at RunPee headquarters.

Here are some statistics about this year’s movies.

We added 161 new movies this year (a new record), up from 146 last year. That’s just over 3 movies a week. There is now a total of 840 total movies in the database.

The 161 movies account for 17,894 minutes of film for the year. That’s an average movie length of 1:51 — up by about one minute from last year. The five longest movies this year were: Interstellar (168 minutes), Boyhood (165), Transformers Age Of Extinction (164), Exodus: Gods And Kings (150), Gone Girl (149).

RunPee Mom (Ginger) saw the most movies this year. Here’s a breakdown of movies by person.

Mom: 64
Dan (me): 54
Sis: 35
Shanee: 8

This is the first year that Mom saw the most movies. Last year it was Sis, who is way down from last year. She’s going to have to work hard this year or I might need to find a new sister. 🙂 Shanee sees mostly the big blockbuster movies so that we’ll have Peetimes for the opening showing. This year she chipped in and added a handful of limited release movies.

Of the 161 movies 46 of them had extra scenes, during or after the end credits. That’s about 29% of the movies.

Our movie review grades were all over the map. I gave an A+ to 3 movies this year: The Equalizer,  The Theory of Everything, and The Imitation Game.  Six other movies got an A or A- grade: Lone Survivor, August: Osage County, Veronica Mars, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Birdman, Captain America The Winter Soldier, and Guardians Of The Galaxy. Five movies got a grade in the D range: Pompeii, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  The Maze Runner, Sex Tape, and Into the Storm.

Sis gave only one movie an A+ and that was The Fluffy Movie which really wasn’t a movie at all. She gave an A or A- to seven other movies: Neighbors, Tusk, Dumb And Dumber To,  Horrible Bosses 2,  Annie, The Gambler, and This Is Where I Leave You.  She gave four movies a grade in the D range: Devil,s Due, Oculus, Innocence, and Annabelle. She gave an F- to one movie: The Quiet Ones.

Sis and I were talking about movie grades last night and she commented that most of the movies that she’s looking forward to end up being horrible, and the movies that she dreads seeing end up really good. I think that’s very good evidence that she has poor taste in movies. 🙂

Mom gave just one movie, Jersey Boys, an A+.  Ten other movies got either an A or A-: Nebraska, The Fault In Our Stars, St. Vincent, Nightcrawler, Muppets Most Wanted, 
How To Train Your Dragon 2, The Good Lie, The Judge, Kill The Messenger, and Big Hero 6.

Here are the most Popular movies on the RunPee app this past year.

62,687 – Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1
61,578 – X-Men: Days Of Future Past
54,745 – Interstellar
54,381 – The Fault in our Stars
51,949 – Guardians of the Galaxy
48,552 – Captain America: Winter Soldier
41,823 – The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
41,018 – Transformers: Age of Extinction
36,511 – Maleficent
35,593 – Spider Man 2

Here are the top 10 movies of 2014 (ticket sales USA)

40,791,915 – Guardians of the Galaxy
38,153,070 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
31,831,735 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
31,591,264 – The Lego Movie
30,078,318 – Transformers: Age of Extinction
29,584,231 – Maleficent
28,666,854 – X-Men: Days of Future Past
25,557,057 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
24,901,797 – Big Hero 6
24,859,550 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here’s a breakdown of RunPee app usage by country:

1. United States (87.16%)
2. Canada (2.65%)
3. United Kingdom (2.15%)
4. Australia (1.92%)
5. Germany (0.63%)
6. Mexico (0.50%)
7. Singapore (0.36%)
8. Netherlands (0.30%)
9. New Zealand (0.23%)
10.Sweden (0.20%)

Notice that China isn’t in the top-10. I’m almost finished working on a new version of the RunPee app that is translated, Peetimes and all, into Chinese. I’ll be interested in seeing how that works out next year – fingers crossed.

Here’s an age breakdown of RunPee app users:

18-24: 27.50%
25-34: 33.50%
35-44: 15.50%
45-54: 12.50%
55-64: 5.50%
65+: 5.50%

45.85% of RunPee app users are female; 54.15% are male.

72% of RunPee app users are on iOS; 28% are Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most popular Android phone among RunPee users, followed by the Galaxy S4, and S3 — looks like Samsung has the Android market cornered.

I just added the 3D voting feature to the RunPee app where users can suggest to others if the 3D version of a movie is worth seeing. It will be interesting to see what the best 3D movies are next year.


Are Peetimes just the boring bits of a movie?

Many people assume that the Peetimes we pick for movies are just the boring bits. That’s certainly true for some Peetimes but not all. A more accurate description of Peetimes in general would be: the parts of a movie that are easiest to summarize without the viewer missing anything crucial to the story. Of course that’s a little more wordy than, “Peetimes are just the boring bits,” so I understand why people promulgate the former.

Desperately seeking Peetimes
It helps to understand how we actually go about finding Peetimes in the first place. Picture me, my mother or sister, sitting in the back corner of the theater — positioned so that we don’t disturb anyone — with a notepad in our laps, holding our phone with a timer running. We’re watching the movie, looking for something that might make a good Peetime cue because first and foremost the cue has to be noticeable. When we see a potential cue we peek at the timer and jot down how far into the movie we are and then start writing down what’s happening. This is the hardest part for us because we have to keep up with what’s happening visually as well as key bits of dialog. It’s something that takes a lot of practice and I think we’ve gotten better over time.

If while we’re writing our notes we feel like we can’t keep up with important details then obviously this scene won’t work as a Peetime. So we cross that out and flip the page and wait for another potential cue. Also, if something funny, or exciting, or dramatic happens then we’ll cross off those notes, flip the page, and start the process all over.

Since we’ve been doing this for such a long time we’ve started to notice patterns in movies that make good Peetimes. For example: oftentimes near the end of an action film there is a short character bonding moment followed by the infiltration scene. That’s the scene where the good guys prepare for the final battle. For instance in the movie Zero Dark Thirty — the movie about the capture of Bin Laden — there is a very good Peetime that starts when the soldiers board the helicopters that transport them to Bin Laden’s house. Here’s the synopsis:

Very long scene of the soldiers loading up on the helicopters. Then another long scene of them flying low through the mountains. The scenes cut back and forth between headquarters where everyone is watching on satellite and back to the soldiers.

Along the way one of the helicopters bounces around a bit. One of the soldiers asks the others, “Who here has been in a helo crash before?” Everyone raises their hands. He smiles and says, “Okay, so we’re all good.”

They enter Pakistan airspace.

That’s a great Peetime because it’s near the end of a long movie. You know that the action is building toward the climax and you certainly don’t want to miss any of that, but you also don’t want to try and hold your pee for another 30 minutes, which would diminish your enjoyment of the ending. At the same time this scene is an important part of the pacing of the movie. It would be horrible to quickly cut from the soldiers boarding the helicopters to immediately arriving at Bin Laden’s front door. The audience needs this quiet time to let the tension build. However, if you need to pee this is a perfect time to release the tension in your bladder.

Vibration tips

So, the vibration feature on the Timer doesn’t seem to be working. There’s a 99% chance that you have an iOS device. There’s an easy fix for that: get an Android phone. 🙂

Okay, you probably don’t want to switch phones just so that the RunPee Timer will vibrate. Fortunately we can probably fix this for you.

Let me start by explaining that the RunPee app can only suggest that the phone vibrate. The operating system – whether it’s iOS or Android – decides if the phone will actually vibrate based on the phone’s state and the vibration settings.

Let’s start by going to the “Timer Help” screen – press the button at the lower-left of the Timer screen. From there you can test the vibration feature to make sure your phone settings are set to allow vibrations. If you’re phone doesn’t vibrate when you test it then go to your phone’s vibration settings and adjust them so that vibrations are allowed.

This usually fixes the problem but sometimes the RunPee app will never ever vibrate no matter the phone settings. This is usually because something went wrong during the installation process. If you’re pretty sure your phone settings are set to allow vibrations and it’s still not working then simply uninstall the app and then reinstall it. And if asked make sure that you grant the RunPee app the permission to vibrate the device.

Download the app: iOS   Android (Don’t worry, if you paid for the app you won’t have to pay for it again.)

You would think that would solve the problem. But there’s one other issue that afflicts iPhone users. iOS is very aggressive at shutting down apps that are running in the background. There’s nothing the RunPee app can do if iOS decides to shut the RunPee app down while the Timer is running. This almost always happens when the RunPee app is sent to the background. Meaning that the Timer is running and maybe you check a text message, or something like that. iOS looks at the RunPee app and thinks, “Hummm, this app has been running for a while but the user hasn’t interacted with it for some time now and has opened another app. I think I’ll just close it down and help save some battery power.”

There’s two ways to solve this problem. The most obvious is don’t check text messages during a movie. 🙂

However, if for whatever reason you send the RunPee app to the background just be sure to start it up again. The RunPee app is smart enough to know that the Timer should be running and will jump back to the Timer screen and adjust the time accordingly, just like nothing ever happened. As long as the RunPee app is the active app it should stay running.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to put your phone in airplane mode during a movie. If you get a text message, or email, or anything else that might notify you with a vibration then you might confuse that with an upcoming Peetime.

Fixing vibration issues with the Timer

For the past few days users have been reporting a problem with their phones not vibrating when using the Timer. The phone vibrates when testing but not while the Timer is running. This appears to be caused by a recent update to iOS to version 7.1.

Here are a few simple things you can do to possibly fix this. Note: there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the RunPee app itself. For some reason iOS is ignoring the instruction to vibrate.

First, make sure you have the latest version of the app: 2.2.0. You can find the app version from the Movie screen by going to the Settings – gear icon in upper-right. Then scroll to the bottom of that screen and you should see: RunPee app version: #.#.#. If you don’t have the latest version then update your app at iTunes: http://RunPee.com/iPhone.

In Settings there is a “Auto-Lock” that needs to be disabled. To do that go to Settings -> General -> and set Auto-Lock to “never”. That disables the auto-lock feature. One word of caution though, if you turn off your phone (the top button on iPhone) the screen disappears and the vibrations for the RunPee app WILL NOT ACTIVATE!. (Thanks to Randy W. for discovering this possible fix.)

If none of that works then try resetting the data. In the RunPee app go to the Movie screen click on the Settings – gear icon in upper-right. Then click on the “Data” tab at the bottom. Then click on the big “Reset all cached data”.  Once the data reloads try testing the Timer.

Note: you can start the Timer and then use the “Adjust Time” button to jump forward to a point near the first Peetime.

If that doesn’t work then try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling. Note: you don’t have to pay for the app again to reinstall it but please make sure you uninstall first and then install the app again. Here’s the link to the RunPee app on iTunes: http://RunPee.com/iPhone.

So far one of those two tricks has fixed whatever problem iOS has with ignore the instruction to vibrate.

If you’re still having trouble then please email me – Dan@RunPee.com.

If I can figure out why iOS is ignoring the request to vibrate then I’ll fix it and update the app. The problem I’m having is that I can’t get the app to fail on my wife’s phone. It’s hard to fix a problem that I can’t duplicate.

RunPee year in review 2013

It’s been another noteworthy year for the RunPee app. The biggest change this year is unquestionably our partnership with AMC theaters. We share our data with the theater chain so that they can include RunPee data in their app. In exchange we get a yearly payment for the data and can see movies for free at AMC theaters. I think the agreement has worked out well for both parties.

We added 146 new movies to the database this year for an average of 2.8 movies/week. That gives us a total of 677 movies in the RunPee database.

Of the 146 movies added this year 27 of them are reported as having something extra after the end credits, which is about 18% of movies.

My mother, sister and I see the bulk of the movies. Here’s the breakdown for this year:
Sis: 52
Dan: 44
Mom: 36

The total running time of all the movies added to the database this year comes to 16,135 minutes or about 110 minutes/movie = 1 hour 50 minutes.

Starting in July this year I began collecting analytics data on the server for each data request. That allows me to track app usage and chart which are the most popular movies. All told there were 1,410,000 views since the beginning of May which averages out to 2,115,000 for the year.

Below is a chart of the most popular movies this year according to data collected from the RunPee app.


Note: Obviously The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug will climb up the charts quite a bit but it’s views will be split across two years.

Here are stats on movie tickets sold in the USA for the top-10 movies.

tickets sold – movie title
50,121,601 – Iron Man 3
47,931,843 – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
45,066,337 – Despicable Me 2
35,667,342 – Man of Steel
32,902,981 – Monsters University
31,200,035 – Gravity
30,437,068 – Frozen
29,249,981 – Fast and Furious 6
28,770,955 – Oz the Great and Powerful
28,036,600 – Star Trek Into Darkness

Compare RunPee stats to actual ticket sales and you can see that RunPee usage is similar, but not identical, to movie ticket sales. For instance Star Trek Into Darkness was the 10th most popular movie by ticket sales but the 3rd most popular movie in the RunPee app. That indicates that RunPee users are more likely to be Trekies than the average movie fan. Something I think reflects well about our users. 🙂

We don’t review every movie we see, because SOME people are lazy – cough, cough, my Sister, cough – but here’s a breakdown of those that we did give grades to:

There were 25 movies that received a grade of A-, A, or A+. Of those only two were A+:  2 Guns and 12 Years a Slave.

The average grade handed out was a B-.

The lowest grade handed out was an F-, by me, for 47 Ronin.

If you love big blockbuster movies but you don’t like dealing with crowds of people then I’d suggest waiting to see a movie during the middle of the week after it’s been in the theater for two weeks. Below is a chart of the daily views of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Notice how it really drops off after the second weekend. This pattern is consistent with all blockbuster movies.


Again, it was a pretty good year for publicity of the RunPee app. The app was called out in a number of magazines and blog posts. Most notable was an awesome review in the book Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype.

It looks like we’ll get the year off to a good start tomorrow as there’s an article, specifically about the RunPee app, due to be published in the LA Times – print/online.

I currently don’t have any specific plans for updates to the app. I think it does what it does very well, but, if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. I’m always looking for ways to improve the usefulness of the app without detracting from the primary feature of providing useful and accurate Peetimes.

One thing I am working on is creating a version of the RunPee app specifically tailored and translated for another country. More on that later this year.

Happy New Year to everyone out there. I hope we all get to see lots of great movies in 2014!


Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

RunPee data factoids

It’s a Saturday. I don’t really feel like working – writing code – so I started messing around with the RunPee database and Google Analytics just for fun. Here are a few tid-bits I came up with.

As of July 21st, 2012

  • There are a total of 467 movies in the database
  • The first movie added to the RunPee database was Star Wars. ( For testing purposes when I first built the app. )
  • There are 50,509 minutes worth of movies represented in the database. That comes out to just over 35 days worth of movies if you were to watch them all one after another.
  • The longest movies in the database are:
    1. 194 minutes, Titanic 3D
    2. 164 minutes, The Dark Knight Rises
    3. 162 minutes, Avatar
    4. 162 minutes, Watchmen
    5. 158 minutes, 2012
    6. 158 minutes, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    7. 154 minutes, Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    8. 153 minutes, Harry Potter – Half Blood Prince
    9. 153 minutes, Inglourious Basterds
    10. 152 minutes, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Here is a chart that plots of number of movies with the same running time vs the running time. You can see that there are very few movies that are shorter than 90 minutes and a small percentage that are over about 2 hours and 10 minutes. What I find interesting is that there is a fairly even distribution out past 2 hours. It doesn’t tail off. It’s like if you’re going to go over the 2 hour mark then just make it as long as you want. Then again it could just be an artifact of the small sample size compared to all of the movies that have been made. I would love to see a breakdown of how much money a movie makes vs how long the movie is. I’m sure someone has done that chart.

    Number of movies with a specific running time plotted against running time.

  • There are 1,246 peetimes in the RunPee database.
  • The average peetime occurs 51 minutes and 25 seconds into a movie.
  • The average movie has 2.67 peetimes.
  • We have added 411 movies to the database since we began checking to see if there is anything extra after the movie credits.
  • Approximately 1 movie in 4 has something extra after the end credits. ( That seems a little high to me but that’s what the data says. )

Analytics ( Note: the analytics are just rough estimations. A good bit of usage doesn’t get tracked. )

  • The most popular opening weekend for a movie so far is Hunger Games with 15,783 views over Friday-Sunday. It just barely beat out The Avengers, and Dark Knight Rises. To make that a little more astounding consider that there were over 100,000 additional users added after Hunger Games came out.
  • Even though Hunger Games had the biggest opening weekend The Avengers finished with more total views: 45,478 vs 51,206. Dark Knight Rises will probably come close to The Avengers but I don’t think it will break it. Mainly, I think, because The Avengers is more fun and appeals to a wider audience. ( I’ll update this in a month or so to see if DKR breaks the record. )
  • There are about 225,000 RunPee app users across iOS and Android.
  • The peak usage of the app comes around 6:00 PM Eastern Time on Saturdays.
  • Between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Saturday, July 21st the peetimes for Dark Knight Rises were accessed on average every 7.8 seconds.
  • RunPee usage by country: ( numbers represent movie views over the past year )
    1. United States 530,442
    2. Canada 24,230
    3. Australia 15,564
    4. United Kingdom 15,542
    5. Mexico 5,630
    6. Germany 4,885
    7. France 3,024
    8. Singapore 2,493
    9. Japan 2,037
    10. Netherlands 2,005
  • If we take the country breakdown reported above and divide by the total population we get the following. The RunPee app is MUCH more popular in Canada, Australia and the UK than it is in the USA. The only conclusion I can come to is that Canadians, Aussies, and Brits have smaller bladders than United Statesians.
    1. 0.7% – Canada
    2. 0.7% – Australia
    3. 0.2% – United Kingdom
    4. 0.1% – United States
    5. 0.06% – Germany
    6. 0.05% – France
    7. 0.05% – Mexico
    8. 0.04% – Singapore
    9. 0.02% – Japan
    10. 0.01% – Netherlands

RunPee year in review 2011

RunPee movies 2011

2011 was a big year for RunPee. I’ll give you a quick synopsis of RunPee history for those of you who aren’t current. I developed the site back in Summer 2008. The site was left for dead until it got some media attention during Spring 2009. At that point I partnered with RockSoftware to build an iPhone app. They built and maintained the app while me and my family continued to see all the movies to get peetimes.

This past Spring my agreement with RockSoftware ended and control of all of the apps reverted to me. I rebuilt the app from scratch and launched the Android version on June 27th and iPhone version on July 20th.

Since then the Android app has over 29,000  installs and the iPhone app over 45,000.

FYI, if you’re still using the old iPhone app you should install the new one – free. The old app is going away pretty soon.

Top 10 movies

If you’re curious here’s a list of the top 10 movies visited on the RunPee apps – both Android and iOS.

  1. Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows-2
  2. Twilight: Breaking Dawn-Part 1
  3. Captain America: The First Avenger
  4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  6. The Help
  7. The Muppets
  8. Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol
  9. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  10. Cowboys & Aliens

I think the two big movie surprises this year had to be Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Help. They did well here on RunPee finishing at #4 and #6 and according to box office numbers they finished the year at #9 and #11 respectively.

Lots of movies to see

Obviously it was a busy year for me and the family seeing movies. Everyone should give RunPee Sis a big thanks. She saw 51 movies this year. I chipped in with 41 movies, RunPee Mom saw 23.

The good news for those who like to see movies on opening day. RunPee Mom and I will be moving from the West Coast to the East Coast – Florida – in a few months so we’ll all be able to see movies earlier on opening day.

With the next update to the mobile app I’m going to ad a little feature that might help those of you who like to see movies on opening day: the ability for me to leave a custom message for each movie letting people know what time we plan to have the peetimes available.

Plus I’m working on adding a movie trivia game to the app so you’ll have something to do while waiting for your movie to start.

Next year should be bigger and better for RunPee. Right now the app really doesn’t make a dime so my goal for next year is to find a way to make enough money to at least pay for the movie tickets I purchase – without charging for the app.

So keep spreading the good word about RunPee. Remember, a bladder is a terrible thing to hold. 🙂


What is RunPee for, anyway?

The mission of RunPee.com – to help you enjoy your movie going experience and relieve your bladder at the same time:

  • Every movie has a few scenes in there somewhere that aren’t crucial to the plot, or can be easily summed up for you on our site.
  • Every movie has a few minutes you can miss and not be lost when you sit back down.
  • No more guessing when to run and pee.

When are PeeTimes for a newly released movie posted?

Unfortunately, no one involved with RunPee.com has access to pre-screenings of movies. So we have to wait just like everyone else to see a movie.

With very few exceptions, when a movie is released someone will be there watching it on opening day – most often at the very first showing. There are usually 2-4 movies released each weekend, so some of the movies won’t have PeeTimes until late in the


Hopefully we’ll be able to get access to cinema pre-screenings soon, so that the PeeTimes will be there for the avid movie fans that must see a movie at the earliest possible time.

What is the iPhone RunPee App? How does it work and what will the updates be like?

As you can see from the reviews, the RunPee app is widely regarded as a must have for movie goers, but it isn’t perfect. The two most commonly requested updates are:

  • to add a vibration to the timer,
  • and enable local storage of data so that the app can be used offline and by iTouch users.

We are also going to enable the timer to run in the background so that you can switch apps – not that you really need to during a movie! So keep an eye out. These updates, and more, are all coming soon. You can buy the iPhone app for one dollar at iTunes –> RunPee Mobile App

What about other Smart Phone apps? I don’t have an iPhone.

We’re working feverishly behind the scenes to bring RunPee to the Android, Blackberry, Pre and Nokia. Our Android version is currently in Beta, as we speak! It’s that close to being ready. All updates will be announced with great joy and antici-pee-tion. 🙂

Do I have to actually pee when you tell me to? Can’t I go buy popcorn instead?

Of course! Slip out to the concession stand. Run out and make a phone call. Or use this time to sit back and make out with your date. We only tell you when there are scenes that you can miss and still catch on to the plot. How you use this time is up to you!

Of course, if you choose to run out and make a proactive peewhen we tell you to, it might save you a large bladder later on in the film. We aim to please, so please aim when you pee, as the saying goes.

Who writes the PeeTimes?
PeeTimes are user generated content. It’s a wiki-pee-dia. Movie goers everywhere decide WHEN the best times are to duck out for a quick trip to the restroom or snack bar. Then they tell the rest of us.

How do I make a PeeTime?
If you’ve just seen a new movie, let us know when YOU would have skipped to the toilet. What is the cue for when to duck out of the screening room? What would someone have missed while gone?

Go to RunPee.com, find your movie in the navigation to the left, then click the Create New PeeTime button on the right. Easy peeeeasy.

Are the PeeTimes Moderated? Can I write whatever I want?

Actually, yes, the PeeTimes are all moderated at first and I actually write most of them, so they are correctly synched up with movie start times.

Unless you’ve been granted Super User status, we do need to ensure the entered PeeTimes are actually written to be useful to users. Having PeeTimes that state, “don’t bother seeing this movie; go home and pee whenever,” might be funny once (see Hannah Montana movie), but would get old quickly. We need to keep the quality of our PeeTimes high, to help you find the best times to duck out for a toilet break mid-movie.

How come some of your PeeTimes suggest leaving at important plot points? I thought the PeeTimes were for the boring parts!

Actually, it’s super hard to find PeeTimes in good, well-edited movies. But we don’t want to leave you with nothing. So sometimes the PeeTimes are simply spots in the movie that can be easily summed up, so you won’t be lost when you get back.

So, for example, in Harry Potter 6, we have a PeeTime where you miss Harry getting his Advanced Potions book. It’s important to the plot, but honestly easy to miss: he gets the book and realizes someone smart – but unknown – owned it previously. Easy to sum up and now you know what is going on.

There has to be a scene of at least three-four minutes where you can skip out and not worry you wasted your hard-earned movie ticket money – we want you to be able to slip back into the movie and be able to pick up the gist of things. So we look for scenes that can be described in a few words. You are always welcome to submit PeeTimes you think are better.

Where are the Limited Release Movies? And the Independent Films?

All of the movies that are in wide release get added to the database. I really wanted to see 500 Days of Summer, for example, but I was in Tampa at the time and it wasn’t showing anywhere near me. In fact it wasn’t showing anywhere in Florida when it first came out. Now I’m in Orlando – to stay for a while – and it’s showing at an independent theater about 20 miles away. It’s still just mostly me seeing films and making PeeTimes.

If others can join in on the wiki “pee” dia aspect of the service, then we can ensure ALL movies get covered. Even ones in BollyWood! Why not?


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Where did the idea for RunPee come from?

Where did this genius idea come from?

RunPee.com was the idea of Dan Florio, AKA polyGeek.

Here’s the Tale…

Please feel free to contact me: polyGeek [ at ] thisSite.com – if you have anything non-public to ask me. Otherwise just comment below. I’ll read and respond.

It came to me after watching the movie King Kong, which was 3ish hours long. My wife and I were thinking how nice it would be to have a website that listed movie times we could easily miss and run to the bathroom to empty our poor bladders, and not miss any crucial scenes.

I sat on the idea for about 2 years while working at XBox in Seattle. I am a Flash Platform developer and as my skills set grew, I started to learn to make Flash/database driven website – Spring ’08. The RunPee idea seemed like a good project to practice, on so I started building it. By August of ’08 it was up and running. RunPee.com debuted at the 360Flex conference in San Jose to much fanfare – watch the video at youTube.

And then promptly everyone forgot about it. 🙁

Then on May 9th @LeoLaporte mentioned RunPee on his weekend show. Before that the traffic to RunPee.com was in the 10-15 visitors/day. After Leo it went to about 350/day. Then Leo and Amber invited me to join them via phone on their net@night show. A few people here and there heard about it. Like Dave Barry. A producer from NPRs All Things Considered found out about RunPee from Dave’s mention, and invited me to be on the show. With all that, the site traffic has climbed over 30,000 uniques a day! Thanks everyone.

Lots of other people have also mentioned RunPee – the media attention has been phenomenal. I think this is that viral Internet thing that I’ve heard of before. 😉 I just never thought it would happen to me. All the traffic crashed the shared server that RunPee was on so it had to be moved to a dedicated server.

Thanks everyone for your compliments about RunPee. Hopefully my next project will be even better.

About the Creator/Developer – polyGeek

I’ve had many media requests for interviews to talk about myself and RunPee.com. Here are a few tidbits, in no particular order, about myself. And FYI – my wife took this photo of me, on a stormy Oregon beach, after we skipped rocks into the ocean for hours. That was a damn nice day.

Dan Florio, aka polyGeek

1967 in Bisbee, Arizona

Mastered in Philosophy and History at Northern Arizona University (did not graduate. See note below about Swansea, Wales )

Places I’ve lived
la’Aquila, Italy; Swansea, Wales; London, England; Seattle, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Crestline, New York, Orlando, Los Angeles and many, many others.

Additional schooling
Massage Therapist with a degree from the Desert Institute for the Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona.

Studied mathematics, physics and astronomy at the University of Arizona from 1985-1988.

Mission Director at the United Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama: mostly I taught kids how to run mission control during a Space Shuttle launch. Also did lectures on celestial mechanics, astronomy and planetary science.

Research Assistant for Steward Observatory and Kitt Peak at the university of Arizona: did a lot of photocopying and data entry but also got to hang out with some of the best known astronomers in the world.

Flash Prototyper for XBox: built prototypes for the XBox and Zune for user testing. Also developed the media sales app for the Zune which was used to present the device to potential retail outlets and partners. ( I only did the development. Others did the design.) I was told that Bill Gates thought it was outstanding, which coming from him means a lot, since it was all in Flash.

Trivial stuff
I didn’t graduate from college because I did my last year abroad in Swansea, Wales. Upon returning to the US I didn’t have enough money to return to NAU where I had to present my work from Swansea – as a formallity. Instead I got a job doing HTML design/development in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I was in Manhattan, on my way to work, on the Upper East Side on 9/11. I worked at the Hospital for Special Surgery in the IT department doing video and web design/development. Here is a bit that I wrote about my experience shortly afterward.

I have taken first semester calculus three times and made an A+ every time. The first time was in my freshman year of college. Then a year later I took the class again in a different format because a friend was teaching it and wanted to get my feedback on how the different formats compared. I was then out of school for a few years – working at the Space Academy. When I returned to my mathematics studies I started again with calculus because I was rusty.

During my first semester at NAU I lived in a tent near campus. The reason I lived in a tent was because I spent all my extra money on a Dell laptop. That’s just how I roll.

I did nude modeling for the art department at NAU.

I lived in the back of my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder for 3 months after I moved to Seattle. During part of that time I was working for Microsoft XBox. I parked the car in the parking lot of the downtown Belleview library.

I was a professional photographer for a short period. You can see my work at XanaduWest.com – of course, I also designed and developed the site. Watch the sun set over the buttes; I think it’s an elegant design.

I created an open source project called videoMaru. It allows people who don’t know much about writing Actionscript code to create custom video interfaces without writing any code themselves. videoMaru has received high marks from the community and I am quite proud of this project. It was a nice way to give back to the Actionscript community and devs in general.

My wife and I like to travel in our RV, Serenity, for long periods of time. Since we work out of the home, we can pretty much do what we want, wherever we are. Isn’t that cool?

About Jill Florio – HippyGeek

Dan Florio met his wife online. Of course. It was love at first click. jill florio picture

He was pretty fortunate in meeting a cute woman who enjoys science and science fiction as much as he does. While Dan was working for Space Camp, she was working at Astro Camp. No joke. Their wedding march was the Throne Room Theme Song from Star Wars. It really doesn’t get much more geeky than that.

As the Woman Behind RunPee, Jill Florio writes the RunPee Blog, is the press manager and social media promoter for the enterprise, and also takes out the dogs on a regular basis.

Jill, a print journalist for The Prescott Daily Courier, Flagstaff Live!, Sweat Magazine and other offline endeavors back in the day, now devotes herself to online writing exclusively.

She’s been Community Manager for BellaOnline.com (the world’s largest independently-owned women’s website); Site-wide Unit Manager and Science/Adventure Travel Section Editor for Suite101.com; Dean of Health and Dean of Entertainment at SuiteUniversity; Editor-in-Chief for Mused Literary Magazine, edits the Blogs & Social Media topic at BellaOnline.com, is a Vine Reviewer for Amazon.com and really, truly loves backpacking in the Grand Canyon.

You can read more about Jill Florio and her works at JillFlorio.com. If you want to. She can also be followed on Twitter at Hippygeek.

But she’d really rather you just read the RunPee Blog, since that is what she eats, sleeps and “pees” these days.

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