Peetimes Coming for Avengers Endgame BEFORE OPENING NIGHT

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Avengers: EndgameThe scheduled runtime for Avengers Endgame is 3:02. That’s three hours and two bladder cramping minutes. And you know there will be extra scenes, so don’t think you can skip out on the end credits.

[UPDATE 1: Surprisingly, there are no extra scenes, but there is an audio-only extra at the very end.]

The question everyone’s asking is: will we have Peetimes ready before the US public release of Endgame on Thursday night, April 25th ?

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[UPDATE 2: Three Peetimes have been added already, a day before the movie even comes out! We merely used our Time Stone..]

Endgame – The short answer to having Peetimes before opening night

Absolutely! (That satisfied sound you just heard was your bladder relaxing.)

Endgame – The long answer on how RunPee can do this

We rely on Shanee Edwards, a Los Angeles-based movie critic, to get our Peetimes for the biggest blockbuster movies prior to their release. This comes at a high cost, but it’s worth it for RunPee fans. We know many of you will see Endgame — and other movies like it — on opening night with your friends. It’s on those occasions RunPee app downloads peak, because so many of you share the app with your friends, family, the stranger sitting next to you, et al. (And we thank you for every time you do it!)

We certainly don’t want to put you on the spot by raving about the awesomeness of the RunPee app, only to be disappointed when you try to show them Peetimes at the movies and be forced to say, “Well, they’ll probably have Peetimes for this film tomorrow.” That’s a lose-lose for everyone.

So, we go out of our way to get pre-release Peetimes for the blockbuster movies that we know will be packed on opening night.

For the vast majority of flicks, RunPee has Peetimes posted around 10:00-11:00 PM EST on opening night. We have to drive home and add the Peetimes, which usually takes an hour or two. We try to get a least one good Peetime up first, right after we add the details about any end credit scenes.

That said, the pre-release Peetimes we get from Shanee won’t be the final word. Consider those as placeholders until the RunPee Family can go see the movie on Thursday night and update them.

Pretty much the entire RunPee Family will see Endgame opening night, and will collaborate on making the Peetimes the absolute best they can be. Then on Friday we’ll go back and watch Endgame again, making sure everything about the Peetimes are spot-on.

The best Avengers: Endgame strategy

So, if you want the absolute best experience, I’d suggest waiting to see Avengers Endgame, or any blockbuster, on Friday evening (or later if you hate crowds, but not tooo much later that you get accidentally plot spoiled). But by Friday night we will have collaborated, triple-edited, and double-checked all the Peetimes.

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  • Anonymous

    In the meantime, I’ll wear my depends….LOL!

    • Dan Gardner Administrator

      LOL, don’t worry, you can “depend” on us. 🙂

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  • Fred

    Ok, so this means you will NOT have “Pee Times” for today pre-opening date (April 24th) right?

    • Fred Tucker

      Too bad you never send me a code to verify email. I have tried 3 times a day.
      I got pee times off internet elsewhere since you couldn’t handle it.

      • Fred

        I went when Professor Hulk was eating lunch.
        Hopefully, this sites servers will work for the next movie.

  • Ava

    So I am supposed to sit next to someone whose phone will buzz when he/she is supposed to go to the bathroom? Seriously?

    • jill florio

      Jill Florio Administrator

      The phone doesn’t buzz. It vibrates silently. People have to turn down the sound like they would going into any movie. 🙂

  • Fred

    Hopefully, your server that sends a email verification code works someday.

  • Bryan Slick

    For those looking for an easy time during which you’ll miss little in terms of plot advancement, when you see “NEW YORK” on the screen, you’ve got about 5 minutes. At my 2nd viewing of Endgame, I’m actually posting this during said break, as Nature called.

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