The app that tells you the best time to Run & Pee during a movie so you don’t miss the best scenes.

Try it for free (Learn more.)

Try it for free (Learn more.)

2014 year in review

This has been the most financially successful year in RunPee history. I think we’re in good shape to be around for a long time to come. The biggest personal news is that Jill and I bought a house! RunPee HQ is now located in Swannanoa, North Carolina — just outside of Asheville. Here’s a picture […]

Are Peetimes just the boring bits of a movie?

Many people assume that the Peetimes we pick for movies are just the boring bits. That’s certainly true for some Peetimes but not all. A more accurate description of Peetimes in general would be: the parts of a movie that are easiest to summarize without the viewer missing anything crucial to the story. Of course that’s a […]

Vibration tips

Let me start by explaining that the RunPee app can only suggest that the phone vibrate. The operating system – whether it’s iOS or Android – decides if the phone will actually vibrate based on the phone’s state and the vibration settings. Let’s start by going to the “Timer Help” screen – press the button at […]

Fixing vibration issues with the Timer

For the past few days users have been reporting a problem with their phones not vibrating when using the Timer. The phone vibrates when testing but not while the Timer is running. This appears to be caused by a recent update to iOS to version 7.1. Here are a few simple things you can do […]

RunPee year in review 2013

It’s been another noteworthy year for the RunPee app. The biggest change this year is unquestionably our partnership with AMC theaters. We share our data with the theater chain so that they can include RunPee data in their app. In exchange we get a yearly payment for the data and can see movies for free […]

RunPee data factoids

It’s a Saturday. I don’t really feel like working – writing code – so I started messing around with the RunPee database and Google Analytics just for fun. Here are a few tid-bits I came up with. As of July 21st, 2012 There are a total of 467 movies in the database The first movie […]

Welcome to

Everything you need to know about the RunPee app

The RunPee app is primarily here to help you enjoy your movie going experience by telling you the best times to Run and Pee without missing anything important. The RunPee family – Dan, Jilly, Mom and Sis – see each wide release movie that comes out, on opening day. We watch for 3-5 minute spans […]

RunPee year in review 2011

2011 was a big year for RunPee. I’ll give you a quick synopsis of RunPee history for those of you who aren’t current. I developed the site back in Summer 2008. The site was left for dead until it got some media attention during Spring 2009. At that point I partnered with RockSoftware to build […]


When are PeeTimes for a newly released movie posted? Who writes the PeeTimes? How do I become a Peep? How come some of your PeeTimes suggest leaving at important plot points? Where are the Limited Release Movies and the Independent Films? When are Peetimes for a newly released movie posted? Unfortunately, no one involved with […]

Where did the idea for RunPee come from?

Where did this genius idea come from?

Here’s the Tale… It came to me after watching the movie King Kong, which was 3ish hours long. My wife and I were thinking how nice it would be to have a website that listed movie times we could easily miss and run to the bathroom to empty our poor bladders, and not miss any […]

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