Indie Documentary Review – Sex, Drugs & Bicycles

Buy one, get one free! Yes, you can have a political documentary AND a comedy. Ok, maybe it’s not screamingly funny but wryly amusing, observational humour can definitely be used as a description. What we have in Sex, Drugs & Bicycles is an American, Jonathan Block — Writer/Director/Narrator — who fondly remembers a trip to The […]


Indie Movie Review – Flesh Is Heir To

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” Groucho Marx has a deeper philosophy than this film. When I get a link for a film, I look for the appropriate IMDb page. Partly to see if I recognise any of the cast, but mainly to make sure I’ve got the […]

Indie Movie Review – In Corpore

The sensual new film In Corpore explores the complexity of relationships.  It’s the type of movie Hollywood used to make once upon a time.  A mature film with adult themes made by and for adults.  I had high hopes for the movie going in, but it fell short of them. What’s good about In Corpore […]

Movie Review — Superfly (2018)

 Superfly is a very talky movie, interspersed with people shooting each other, and lots of blood blossoming on fancy white outfits. There’s not a single character to root for — everyone is corrupt, either selling drugs or profiteering off those selling the drugs. [pullquote]There are, however, some great outfits, good hair, a fine soundtrack, and […]