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All the Bands and Albums featured in Vinyl Generation

The new documentary Vinyl Generation features a ton of bands and record albums, including many Czechoslovakian rock bands.  Didn’t get a glimpse of that one album when it flashed on the screen?  Trying to figure out what that song was you liked?  I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of every band, song, and […]


Indie Review – Vinyl Generation

  In 1980s Czechoslovakia, rock ‘n roll was basically outlawed.  The documentary Vinyl Generation starts with two survivors from that time comparing record albums and telling stories about how they used to have to go to the woods to trade records.  Even then, they might get busted by police informers in disguise.  People would get […]

Indie Movie Review – I’ll Be Around

I’ll Be Around starts off like so many films, with a scene showing a band on stage and about to start, and then cutting to a scene with a card saying: A few hours before showtime.  Now I know the theory behind this trope is to build up a sense of excitement and anticipation but, […]

Movie Review – Yesterday

The only reason I didn’t give Yesterday an A+ is that, at least for now, I don’t think it’s as good as Love Actually — both written by Richard Curtis — and both are very similar. Yesterday checks all the boxes for a great film: it’s terribly well acted; the pacing rolls along with the […]