My favorite Sean Connery role: Finding Forrester

Sean Connery is a Hollywood icon. Beyond his role as the godfather of 007 — James Bond himself — he performed in hit movies such as The Untouchables, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Man Who Would Be King, The Rock (where his character is basically the 007 who got caught), The Hunt for […]

Best Gambling Moments In James Bond Movies

Super-suave spy James Bond is not just equipped with a license to kill; he also packs a pretty mean set of skills as a gambler, which is a character trait explored both in the original books and the movie franchise. There have been several iconic gambling moments across the 26 films released to date, so […]

No Time To Die release date reset to November due to CoVid-19.

No Time to Be Sick: James Bond Movie Postponed Until November

No Time to Die, the newest James Bond film, is officially postponed ’til November 25th in the US. (November 12 in the UK.) You read that right: NOVEMBER! Originally planned for an April 2020 release, the final Daniel Craig flavored Bond feature will now air during the end-of-year blockbuster season. With fears about the CoVid […]


No Time to Die movie posters from around the world

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No Time to Die will be the longest Bond film ever

Tickets are on sale for No Time to Die and the runtime is listed as 163 minutes (2 hours, 43 mins). That would make No Time To Die 15 minutes longer than any other James Bond movie — Spectre, which was 148 minutes long.

Top 3 James Bond Parody Movie Songs

Gotta admit it — the James Bond movies offered some outstanding music over the years, especially in the opening credit themes. But even the Bond “parody” movies do a great job with opening theme songs — both funny and somehow still sounding Bondian. Here are our top three songs from the Bond parody genre. Bond […]


Top 12 James Bond Songs

Of course, listing all the BEST James Bond theme songs will be both 1. difficult and 2. subjective. By which I mean there are so very many great Bond theme songs that all manage a Bondian flair… and my own opinion won’t be the same as yours. Hopefully my choices will make your top ten […]

daniel craig bond die another day

Every Time Die was in the title of a James Bond Film

We’ve got the “last” Bond film with Daniel Craig coming out in early April. Of course, DIE is in the title. This is a recognizable Bond thing. But how many 007 movies really have die in the title after all? Let’s take a look. Live and Let Die (1970) I can’t complain about the film […]

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