No Time to Die will be the longest Bond film ever

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no-time-to-die-poster(250x370)Tickets are on sale for No Time to Die — and the runtime is listed as 163 minutes (2 hours, 43 mins). That would make No Time To Die 15 minutes longer than any other James Bond movie — besides Spectre, which was 148 minutes long.

#NTtD’s release date in the USA is Friday, April 10th. However, the movie opens in many countries around the world a week earlier.

Rest assured, we will have Peetimes for this bladder bursting movie before it opens in the USA. It’s likely that we’ll have Peetimes shortly after it is released in the UK.

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Bond Movie Runtimes

Here’s a chart that breaks down the length of all James Bond movies and their runtimes.

All James Bond 007 runtimes chart

It’s interesting that 3 of the 4 Daniel Craig 007 movies have been longer than the previous longest Bond movie (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service at 142 minutes) except for Quantum of Solace, which was the shortest Bond movie of all, at 106 minutes.

Who has logged the most Bond time?

Of the 4 major Bonds — Dalton and Lazenby don’t make the cut — let’s see who has logged the most minutes as James Bond.

Bond movies total runtime avg runtime
Connery 6 836 119.4
Moore 7 886 126.6
Brosnan 4 510 127.5
Craig 4 541 135.3

Roger Moore has the most Bond movies and gets the most screen time, but Daniel Craig has the longest average runtime.

Stay tuned for more data analytics breaking down the Bond films.


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  • Rob Williams Administrator

    Ooh, I do like a bit of data crunching! Interesting article Dan.

    And, as hinted, No Time To Die is being released over here on 2nd April and I’ve got an alert set up so I know the minute the tickets go on sale. All things being equal there should be timings, reviews, etc. before the USA release.

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    Awesome. We’re counting on you!

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Great post. I always like the poll info. I had no idea On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Maybe that’s why it seems endless. I like the ski stunt scenes though.

    Poor Lazenby. At least it’s a lot of people’s favorite Bond film, according to Facebook.

    I winder why Quantum of Solace was so short, when all the other Craig ones are mostly long. This might be related to movie trends during whatever year.

    This might also explain my attachment to Roger Moore. Habit!

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    If you look at movie runtimes, year after year, there is almost no noticeable change. It just seems that some years have longer movies, on average, than others, because that’s how memory works. When you average these things out there’s almost no change.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    I just learned from Rob that Peter Sellers was also a one-off Bond!

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