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My favorite Sean Connery role: Finding Forrester

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finding-forrester-stadium (720x300)Sean Connery is a Hollywood icon. Beyond his role as the godfather of 007 — James Bond himself — he performed in hit movies such as The Untouchables, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Man Who Would Be King, The Rock (where his character is basically the 007 who got caught), The Hunt for Red October, and many more great films than we can sensibly list here.

But my all time favorite role he’s performed is as William Forrester in the lesser-known, but endlessly appealing, Finding Forrester. 

In Finding Forrester you won’t see Connery shooting people, or using his larger than life presence to intimidate anyone, and the only thing he punches are the keys on his typewriter.  (PUNCH the keys, for God’s sake!) But what he does in this movie, far more than any other, is be delightful.

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What genre is Finding Forrester?

IMDb lists Finding Forrester as as drama. I suppose that’s only because there’s no better genre to drop it into. If I could make up a genre to put this movie into I’d say it’s a charmer. Much like Shawshank Redemption or Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester doesn’t follow the typical Hollywood formula or fit itself into a prescribed box. It’s just a nice simple story with equal measures of triumph, lament, and discovery. Much like the movie doesn’t try to force itself into a genre, the characters discover people that don’t really adhere to the roles society (and they themselves) have placed them in.

Speaking of Good Will Hunting, both it and Finding Forrester were directed by Gus Van Sant. (Aside, if you watch and enjoy this movie, then may I suggest Sea of Trees, also directed by Van Sant, which is equally charming.)

The two hours and sixteen minutes in this movie will transport you away from today’s woes, and it ends with a wonderful rendition of Over the Rainbow that you’ll want to play ’till the credits end.

Try not to cry. In the good way.

I’m being purposefully vague so you can enjoy this movie to its fullest. Maybe it’s not as good as Shawshank Redemption, or Good Will Hunting, but it’s not far from the bar those movies set so high. And Finding Forrester is just more fun.

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Possibly an even better feature is the info on if the movie has after credits scenes. There’s nothing worse than sitting there reading about who the key grip was, then finding out that’s all you did. I blame Marvel for the stupid trend.

Seriously, I see a dozen movies a month and use this app every single time. Worth every Penny of the infinity coin thing I bought.

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3 responses to “My favorite Sean Connery role: Finding Forrester”

  1. I need to watch this one again. I don’t remember anything about it, and keep conflating it with Dead Poet’s Society. Are these a little similar?

    I do remember thinking FF was a lot like Good Will Hunting in tone.

    Shawshank is among the top films e-ver.

    I think I liked Connery best in The Rock. No, maybe The Hunt for Red October.

    One ping only… 🙂

  2. I’m not sure I’d say Finding Forrester is “like” DPS. It’s hard to compare the two.

    It’s hard not to love Connery in *The Rock.* I absolutely love it that his character, Mason, is essentially James Bond who got caught and locked away for most of his life.

    “One ping only…Vasily.”
    “Yes captain.” 🙂

  3. You had me convinced to watch Finding Forrester, until you said “Try not to cry.” Can’t do anything to threaten tear until post-pandemic. Love your app! AND the newsletter.

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