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RunPee Weekly Newsletter 34th edition (November 4th, 2020)

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The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.


The Film Legacy of Sean Connery

The Film Legacy of Sean Connery


We all know the iconic roles he played, and even some of the smaller, and sometimes cameo moments (say, as in Robin Hood!) But do you know much about the man behind the man who became the first (and arguably) most beloved Bond? We have a startling list of the major roles he turned down…like Gandalf! You’ll have to read the rest of this article to see what lead roles he almost took. Seriously, Sir Sean as Deckard in Blade Runner? Here’s a brief opinion-laced look at the man behind 007 to honor his peaceful passing this weekend, at the hale and hearty age of 90.

We lost a true blue Hollywood icon this weekend. RIP Sir Sean.


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Sean Connery in Finding Forrester

My favorite Sean Connery role: Finding Forrester
Sean Connery was an action movie icon, but if you ask me, I think his best role was in Finding Forrester where he plays a reclusive author living in NYC. It’s funny, touching, and inspiring. A great movie to watch with the whole family.
Grade: A+
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Sean Connery from Goldfinger

Remembering Sean Connery as James Bond — Seeing Goldfinger live in the theater
This was my first time in a cinema. All the bright lights, action, explosions…I was blown away. Totally absorbed and hooked. I remember to this day the feeling as I walked out. I was 007… I pulled up the collar of my mac and gave a diamond hard stare at anyone who crossed my path. Imagine Humphrey Bogart but in shorts, sandals, and having to hold his dad’s hand when he crossed the road.
Grade: A-
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Movie Review - Love in Dangerous Times Movie Review – Love in Dangerous Times
A delightful movie about the apocalypse. No, really. This is the first film we saw that actually handles the real world pandemic with sensitivity, pathos, humor, and heart. The actors are stuck at home, just like us, wearing masks, just like us…caring for our families, trying to stay healthy and busy, attempt to have a socially distanced social life, and even dare to date. Just like us.Also, there’s a sense of hope about it all. It will cheer you up while you, too, stay at home.
Grade: A
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Indie Movie Review - Baby Frankenstein

Indie Movie Review – Baby Frankenstein
Not horror enough. Not as funny as it’s trying to be. It’s also badly balanced in that there isn’t enough action to justify the certification for an older age group, but too much innuendo to put it into family film range. Certainly not worthy of the nods to E.T. — we just can’t recommend this one.
Grade: D
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Indie Movie Review - The Faceless Man Indie Movie Review – The Faceless Man
Sophie Thurling was believable as the cancer sufferer estranged from her father, the coke-addled party girl, the aloof big city snob in a small town, the paranoid victim, and the bewildered survivor. Too bad the rest of this over-genred horror flick is pretty atrocious.
Grade: D-
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Weekly progress diary on RunPee:NX
We are rebuilding the RunPee app from scratch using Google Flutter. Here’s a brief report on our weekly progress:

The second beta version went out yesterday. I’m getting good feedback from people and polishing off some rough edges. I have two major features yet to add: in-app purchasing and the Peeple’s Poll. And that will be pretty much it. I expect one more round of beta testing in about 10 days and then going live on Android shortly after that. The iOS version should follow in a week or so afterward.


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