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Movie Review - JokerI have a feeling a lot of people will really like this Joker movie. Personally, I don’t understand how this film can even come close to the MCU and their best films. It’s not funny at all, like EVER, and doesn’t involve any of the Justice League members. I have to admit that we’ve had a lot of Jokers over the years that don’t give us much fun. I don’t even think I like any of the Jokers we’ve seen, except maybe Mark Hamill as the Joker in the animated Batman TV series.

He just wants to watch the world burn.

Sometimes going back to the well works. I mean, look at Tom Holland against all the Spider-Men we’ve had in the last decade. We finally got a great one! Holland’s beloved, with good reason, after the other Spideys that had both great and awful qualities in the end. Which is a whole other conversation.

Another comparison: by Thor: Ragarok, Marvel finally figured how to handle The Mighty Thor (with great comedic timing). Right? This improved the entire MCU and gave Chris Hemsworth a new lease on super life.

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So, what is the deal with the DC comics not being able to make consistently enjoyable films? The studio is all over the place, and fans aren’t sure what to expect. How does a delightful outing like Shazam fit in with the gritty Batman trilogy? And do all these Jokers fit within one continuity? I think we have to accept they don’t.

I’m looking forward to seeing James Gunn’s work on Suicide Squad 2 and hopefully, he’ll make it as amusing as Guardians of the Galaxy. But don’t expect Joker to be amusing at all. This film feels more like Logan , the X-Men standalone, (to which we gave an A+) than anything else. Or at least maybe that’s what this film tried to be. Joker is depressing, and deep, but filmed well, with a lot of care to the details.

Do you want a superhero/super-villains film? If you’re a huge Joker fan, I don’t think this is your film.  It just has nothing “super” in it. Really. It’s a dramatic movie, very traumatic, and more than a bit weird.

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Nprtykty, 03/28/2021

Brilliant idea with great information

I’ve been using RunPee for a few years now and it’s basically a requirement of going to the movies for me. The best part of course are the “pee times” that give you cues, synopses and times for when you can pee without missing the most important parts of the movie. There is also information about the credits- length, extras and if there are any extra scenes at the wayyy end. Super helpful to just know that it is or isn’t worth staying. There is a timer function that will buzz your phone when it’s a good time to pee. I also appreciate that the app is very conscientious about it being an app you use in a theater- dark background, all silent alarms etc. I will always enjoy the experience of the theater even if I could watch things at home- but I’ve even used it at home to check for things like after credit scenes or other information too.

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I initially gave Joker a C+, but today I upgraded it to a B-, for being a good drama that spins an unusual take on the iconic Joker role.

K, thx. Can we stop rebooting Jokers for a while now?

Grade: B-

About The Peetimes: There is a lot of plot and character development here, making it hard to get Peetimes as the events unfold. I recommend the 2nd Peetime for a nice long break. Try to use it proactively in this 2 hour movie.

There are no extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Joker. (What we mean by Anything Extra.)

Rated (R) for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual images
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller, DC

Guardians of the Galaxy Ex-Director James Gunn to Direct Suicide Squad 2

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6 responses to “Movie Review – Joker”

  1. Wow! I’m going to see it tomorrow. Thanks for the perspective. I didn’t have high hopes about it and you just confirmed why.

    1. I’m going to take a look at Rotten Tomatoes and see what other people thought…hmmm….YUP. As I suspected, critics and the audience loved it. It’s just me being weird here. It was just DC being grim and me wanting a light and fun time. I really have a problem with DC. They seem to want to wring the joy out of their films.

      Let me know if you liked it!

  2. Philip Mann Avatar
    Philip Mann

    Terrific acting but really no plot; might even be enjoyable if it didn’t mirror current times in so many ways.

    1. Good point. It hits awfully close to home in many ways.

      My sister, who loves Batman, the Joker, and is a big DC fan, said she really liked this movie.

  3. I liked the movie! Although like the admin said It hits to close to home too many times.

    1. Thanks, Donn. It’s one of those gritty DC movies that makes me feel sad about the world and humanity, and I for one don’t like that in my extracurricular entertainment. I was hoping for a bit of levity…it’s the JOKER after all. But it ended up being a drama film, and I try to avoid those.

      Also, I have a sensitive spot for mental illness. My idea of an A+ film around Mental Illness was Peanut Butter Falcon, which filmed me with happiness, laughter, and hope.

      We try to assign movies to the RunPee family members that will most appreciate a film. I love superhero films (Marvel especially), so this seemed appropriate to me.

      Lastly, there are a LOT of historical inferences in Joker, as we agreed, that are made to remind us of man’s inhumanity to man.

      Contrast this to Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame, where I was thrilled, excited, and chuffed, even when certain characters were sacrificed. I want to be transported by movies to a fantastical or exciting place where we defeat evil.

      I realize most people are not as sensitive. So I bumped the score into the B range….because it’s well made and well acted. I’m just not sure how well-written it is. (Arguably.)

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