Movie Review – Guardians Of The Galaxy – The Marvel Movie that Changed Everything

guardiansGrade: A-
Guardians Of The Galaxy was awesome fun; plenty of humor, amazing visuals, and great action sequences. Best of all the story and acting bring everything together in a suspenseful climax.

I often complain that many action movies are too short but that’s not a problem in GOTG. Excluding the credits the movie is about 1:54 long. The story moves along at a rapid pace and the action sequences are just the right length. That’s another area where many movies fail: their action sequences are either too short and choppy or long and tedious. I think James Gunn, the director, nailed it.

The character and relationship development are extremely well done. I never felt like the relationships were forced for the sake of compression.

One thing that I didn’t like is that some of the dialog is difficult to understand. There were numerous lines that I just couldn’t make out because of background noise. I’m looking forward to watching this on DVD so I can rewind over those scenes and try to make out what was said.

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The movie also jumps right into the action early on, introducing new characters that have a long and complicated background. It wasn’t immediately clear who was the real bad guy and what their motivation was. Note: I haven’t read any of the comics so I’m coming into this fresh. However I have seen all the Marvel movies and the Easter eggs that relate to GOTG.

There’s no question this is a fun movie that builds on the Marvel universe. Now raise your hand if you’re counting down the days until The Avengers 2 – slated for May 1st 2015.


Primer for Guardians of the Galaxy

There are some spoilers here but it’s intended as a primer for the first 30 minutes of GOTG that can at times be a little confusing. First, you need to have seen the after credit scene for Thor 2. That’s where Sif and Volstagg – members of the Thor’s warriors – deliver the Aether to a new character named The Collector (Benicio Del Toro).

Long story short: The Aether is one of the six “Infinity Stones”. One of the other Infinity stones is the Tesseract – also called the Cosmic Cube – from Captain America and The Avengers. Basically it’s a bad idea to keep the Infinity Stones together because they are so powerful.

The Collector is an immortal and one of the elders of the universe. They think they can trust him with the Aether but after they leave The Collector says, “One down, five to go.” It’s unknown at this point of the Collector wants to protect the Infinity Stones or use them.

In the end credit scene after the Avengers we meet Thanos, who is after all six Infinity Stones because he can use them to become the ultimate big bad in the universe.

That’s the backstory for Guardians Of The Galaxy. What we discover in the first 30 minutes of the movie is that a new Marvel character named Ronan wants to destroy the Novan civilization – no idea why. His race, the Kree, have been at war with the Novans for ages but they have recently signed a peace treaty. Ronan, one of the highest ranking warriors in the Kree army, ignores the peace treaty and continues to fight against the Novans.

Since Ronan is alone in his battle against the Novans he has made a deal with Thanos. Thanos has agreed to annihilate the Nova Civilization if Ronan will deliver an orb to him. Surprise, the orb happens to be one of the Infinity Stones.

Thanos has sent two of his pseudo daughters – Nebula and Gamora – to help Ronan retrieve the orb.

That should be enough to help keep the plot and character development clear during the first 30 minutes of the movie.

Here’s a link to a youTube video of the post credit scene from Thor 2 where The Collector is introduced.

Thor 2’s After Credits Easter Egg Explained! – Comic History 101

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