Jurassic Park Movie Rewatch at Bronto Brew Meadery

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If you’re in San Diego and you can’t wait for Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom to come out (whoo hoo — next week!), then get your dino fix on at The Bronto Brew  Meadery for four free nights of sauropod fun.

All four previous Jurassic movies will be presented in the meadery on their large screen, and you can buy mead beverages as you sit by a nest of Brontosaurus eggs, or under the skeletons of a T-Rex family.

The meadery has an appealing dinosaur setting, encourages gaming and the gathering of geeks, and serves unique mead beverages. Mead is a honey wine, and they hand brew it on the premises, in both small and large batches (from 7 to 150 gallons).

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It’s all mead, all the time — but each one tastes different. Some are sweet and some are dry, some are hoppy and others fruity.  They experiment with new mead flavors regularly. Their current tap list includes great dinosaur-themed names like Cretaceous Bloom, Hoposaurus, Velociberry, Citrodon, and Pure Bronto. You can also order a “Pterodactyl Flight” of 4 tastes.

I’ll be taking a behind the scenes tour tomorrow and get a lot of details for a proper review, with lots of pictures of their dino decor to help celebrate Dinosaur Month at RunPee.com. I’ve been there before — anything with dinosaurs interests me — but never for a review tour. So this should be fun.

Here’s the details of Bronto Brew Meadery’s Jurassic Park movie showings:


Hours of Operation

Friday: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Saturday: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Bronto Mead
9235 Trade Place, D, San Diego, CA 92126
(619) 796 – 3096

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  • Deanna

    A big thank you to Jill for taking the time to check us out! Cannot believe you and Ola stayed with us for 3 hours! It did not seem like it at all! #gryffindorsunite #hogwartshouses #Jurassicfun #meadndinos

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    You are so very welcome, and thank YOU for having us! I even took a friend there on Saturday night to see The Lost World (my second favorite in the franchise, after the Classic). It was a great time, and of course, loved the Mead. I had the Pure Bronto (simple but the best), and then I think Cretaceous Bloom. YUM.

    Your place is the best. I hope I can make it on Friday for JP III. We’ll see. I have another thing, but it might work out.

    I can’t believe we stayed so long either. But we DID play Exploding Kittens. And had a sword fight that got increasingly wilder as we went along. You’re a warrior!

    I should bring my Sword of Aragorn next time…

    I’ll let you know when the Bronto Mead review is posted.

    #GryfinndorsUnite #Brontomead #JurassicFun #CraftMead

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