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Movie release dates and TV show cancellations due to CoVid-19

Many movies have already changed their release dates, with many more to come. Some movies have changed release dates, and may do so again; some have just  been postponed indefinitely until there’s some clarity; others are going straight to streaming. I’ll work hard to keep this list current as things change. TL;DR Assume that everything […]

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How we protect ourselves against CoVid-19 at the movies

We see around 160 movies each year for RunPee and since the spread of CoVid-19 began we’ve had to make some adjustments. Disclaimer This is our protocol. We’re not medical experts. Take it or leave it as you see fit. Prime Directive RunPee Mom (Ginger) is 71 years old. She’s healthy now and we want […]

No Time To Die release date reset to November due to CoVid-19.

No Time to Be Sick: James Bond Movie Postponed Until November

No Time to Die, the newest James Bond film, is officially postponed ’til November 25th in the US. (November 12 in the UK.) You read that right: NOVEMBER! Originally planned for an April 2020 release, the final Daniel Craig flavored Bond feature will now air during the end-of-year blockbuster season. With fears about the CoVid […]

It's a virus!

Contagion – a PSA and movie review

What makes the movie Contagion so dramatic is that it’s not overly dramatic. This isn’t a virus that wipes out half the world population. There’s no bleeding from the eyes, no walking dead. However, director Steven Soderbergh manages to turn an everyday scene in a coffee shop into the horror movie equivalent of the young coed pulling back the shower curtain.

Avoid Flu Germs in When Flying (Clean that Movie Screen!)

Travelers on planes are trapped, breathing the same air as dozens of other passengers. Some of these people are bound to be ill, down with a flu or cold, possibly carrying some other contagious microbe. The Independent Traveler says travelers “may be more than 100 times as likely to catch a cold on a plane […]

Tips to Prevent Catching Swine Flu at the Movies

You can still go to the movies this Fall, Swine Flu or no Swine Flu. The trick is being smart about public places. First off, and most importantly – if you are SICK, then stay home. It’s crucial to be considerate of others and not pass along what you’ve unfortunately caught. If your kids are […]

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