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Best of British Biographies – Benedict Cumberbatch

Prior to 2010 not many people had heard of Benedict Cumberbatch  nor could they, probably, pick him out of a line up. That wasn’t due to lack of exposure; parts in seventeen TV shows, ten films, thirty radio programmes, and eighteen theatre plays gave him a decent amount of public attention but he was never […]

Best of British Biographies – Miriam Margolyes

Some actors are known for their stage careers, others for their film and TV work. Some actors are known for their vocal versatility or their commitment to radically change their physique through diet and/or exercise. Still others are renowned either for the beauty or the character of their appearance. A rare, special few are none […]


Best of British Biographies – Roger Allam

We’re all allowed favourites. Similarly, we’re all allowed someone we admire. Someone we want to be like, someone we secretly copy and could imagine ourselves actually being. It probably changes over the years. A bit like actors play Romeo, then they move on to Hamlet, before finally ending up as Lear so who you idolise […]

Indie Movie Review – Echoes Of The Past (2021)

Let me get something straight right from the start. Echoes Of The Past was quite hard work. Not because it was badly made or acted but because it was based on a true story that was one of the most appalling examples of humanity or, more accurately, the lack of it: The Kalavryta Massacre (Σφαγή […]

Best of: British Legends of Stage & Screen

    With a lot of encouragement and advice from RunPee C.O.O. Jill I’ve been doing occasional biographical articles about British talent and what they bring to the big — nay — huge blockbuster franchises. It’s one of those mysteries lost in the depths of time…how did this actually start? My recollection is that I […]

Best of British Biographies – Anthony Hopkins

There are ways of saying how old you are without saying how old you are. For instance, if you were to say that the first Doctor Who you remember watching is William Hartnell, then you’re of a significantly more mature vintage than if you remember, say, David Tennant. I was thinking there’d be a similar […]

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits.

Is there anything extra during the end credits of American Underdog?

There are extras during the end credits of American Underdog. There is an extra, with the real characters, at the very end of the credits. The credits run for approximately 5 minutes. [/wbcr_text_snippet] Read the RunPee movie review for American Underdog by Dan Gardner. Movie review grade: B We have 3 Peetimes for American Underdog. Learn more. About The Peetimes […]

Movie Review – American Underdog (2021)

As a football fan, it was fun watching this movie. I’ve known the basics of Kurt Warner’s story for a long time. I’ve been playing fantasy football since the mid-90s and I distinctly remember Trent Green getting injured, and I vividly recall the Dick Vermeil’s—Ram’s head coach—impassioned press conference that followed. The football action is […]

Documentary Review – The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back is, quite simply, the edited highlights of The Beatles rehearsing for a new project centred on their latest album. After a disastrous tour of the Far East in 1966 and the infamous “we’re bigger than Jesus” kerfuffle they decided to give up touring and performing live. This leads to them developing […]

Best of British Biographies – Martin Freeman

Who do you get when you need an ordinary, man next door figure who will end up being thrust into some decidedly extraordinary situations? Someone who can play an exceptionally ordinary man of the people who just happens to be swept up by aliens and ends up being flung across the galaxy. Someone who can […]

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