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Author: Steven Blackman

  • Movie Review – The American Society of Magical Negroes

    Movie Review – The American Society of Magical Negroes

    “Welcome to the American Society of Magical Negroes!” is said to Aren (Justice Smith) as his world has now completely shifted from the mundane to now possessing magical powers, a la “Men in Black”.   (In fact, both films use “erasing your memory” as the ultimate punishment when banished from their respective societies).  Anyway, Aren now…

  • Movie Review – Maestro

    Movie Review – Maestro

    “I love music so much that it keeps me glued to life,” Leonard Bernstein (Lenny), world-renowned composer, asserts emphatically. This film pays homage to his life, but equally, highlights the blemishes, foibles, and struggles which were inherent in it. I will try to keep this review essentially “spoiler-free” such that you can appreciate the movie…

  • Movie Review – American Fiction

    Movie Review – American Fiction

    To be sure, this movie is daring and provocative.  Done poorly, the film had the potential of being a box office bust.  However, this is a directorial masterpiece by Cord Jefferson which is bolstered by acting performances that could bring any screenplay to life. The movie is an adaptation of Everett’s novel, “Erasure” (2001) and…

  • Movie Review – Poor Things

    Movie Review – Poor Things

    “Are we really just barbarians?”, a character whimsically asks of her friends in the film. This movie is a deeper, philosophical look at the human condition, nature vs. nurture, love, eroticism, and the impact of economic stratification. It is rare that I am truly “hooked” in the first three minutes of a film, but indeed…

  • Movie Review – Dream Scenario

    Movie Review – Dream Scenario

    Don’t be fooled by the early trailer for this movie! I was under the impression that it would be more “tame” and “light-hearted” than it is. Make no mistake, while the film has its laughs, it is indeed a dark comedy. As the title suggests, this is truly an “escapist” movie such that it transports…

  • Movie Review – Dicks: The Musical

    Movie Review – Dicks: The Musical

    Wow, OK, here goes nothing in writing my very first movie review for RunPee App fans.  It is indeed an honor that the review could, by pure happenstance, be this movie.  In the words of one of the creators, “They don’t make movies like this anymore.”  I wholeheartedly agree! So, to point out that the…