Movie review: Lincoln

Grade: A+

Spielberg has given us a three dimensional  insight into the last few months of our most beloved leader. In *Lincoln* we see him not only as the President during the most difficult time in our nations history but also in an equally demanding role as husband and father.

Make no mistake, this is not a movie about the Civil War per se but, just as important to our country’s future, the passing of the 13th amendment. It’s more of a court room drama than an early version of Saving Private Ryan.

In the opening scene we see 30 seconds of  battle field action followed by two hours of a battle fought by lobbyists, politicians other nefarious characters.

Along the way there are brief detours into the private life of Lincoln and his family. Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Fields and Tommy Lee Jones are definite Oscar contenders, but they were not the only stellar contributors to the movie. James Spader provided much needed comic relief in this intense film. The bar has been set very high for presidential biographies.

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