Movie Review – Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

I am a vampire movie lover, and Abe Lincoln is my favorite president. You put the two together and the sparks fly! I love how the movie integrated real history with Vampire lore. It worked really well together for me.

The fight scenes were very well done. Abe can really swing an axe! I would highly recommend seeing it in 3-D. The sounds that accompany the fights are awesome.

The one thing that was troubling me at the beginning of the movie is that the guy didn’t look anything like Abe. But once they aged him, they did a terrific make-up job.

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Movie Grade: A-

1 thought on “Movie Review – Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter”

  1. I liked the movie.. And adding vampires is how I learn lots of my history.
    Along the same lines was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… which was the only way I’d watch a Jane Austen based movie.

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