Hi, I'm the RunPee app.
I'll tell you the best time to
run and pee during a movie
without missing the best scenes.

Plus a whole lot more...

Available for:

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You're probably wondering how this works. It's really
pretty simple, I mean it's simple for you, the app user,
but it's a LOT of work for the RunPee family. We have
to watch every movie in wide release, and some
limited release movies, to find a few 3-5 minute spans
that don't have crucial plot twists, or funny lines, or the
best action, that sort of thing.

We take detailed notes about what happens during these
scenes so you can read a synopsis of what you missed
before you return to your seat.

"That's GENIUS!!!" I know, I hear it all the time. I'll admit
that it's pretty cool. But we're just getting warmed up.
The RunPee does so much more.

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I know what some of you are thinking, "This is cool
but I don't have any trouble holding it."

Fair enough, but do you ever wonder if there's anything
extra after the end credits? The RunPee app will tell you
that as well. Plus it will tell you how long the credits are
and if the extras come at the end or during the credits.
We cover it all, because we care!

Truthfully, we cover it all because we want you to buy
the app. But honestly, we really do care. :-)

Note: big green arrow sold separately.

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What would really make the RunPee app super
amazing is if it had a Timer you could start at the
beginning of the movie that would vibrate your phone
before each peetime. That way you could relax, and
enjoy your movie, without thinking about the app.
We should do that.

Oh wait, we did.

The only problem with the RunPee app is that it does
so many fantastic things that there's really nothing
left for it to do...or is there?

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We're big movie fans. And we figure you are too. So we built in
a few extras to help round out your movie going experience.

RottenTomatoes.com - Get the critics and audience score.
IMDb.com - View the cast and crew information.
Facebook.com - Quickly post movie reviews to your Facebook account.
Twitter.com - Let your friends know what movie you're watching.
Ratings - view ratings by other RunPee app users.

Did we forget anything? Let us know. We're always trying to
make the RunPee app better. Send us your ideas and you may
see it in the next update.

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  • Movie Screen ( home )

    Hi, I’m the RunPee app. I’ll tell you the best times to run and pee during a movie without missing anything, plus a whole lot more…

  • Anything extra after the credits?

    The most popular “extra” feature is that the app will tell you if there is anything extra after the end credits.

  • Timer

    The built in Timer will vibrate just before each peetime. You can also see at a glance how long until the next peetime.

  • Peetimes screen

    The Peetimes screen has all the information you need. It lists each peetime, when it starts and what the “When to go” scene is. You can also read a short note from us letting you know which peetime we would recommend.

  • Synopsis

    Of course we tell you exactly what happened during each peetime so that when you return to your seat you’ll know exactly what you missed.

  • RottenTomatoes.com

    Want to know what the critics and audience think about a movie? Visit the RottenTomatoes screen to get the ratings and a short cast list.

Movie of the Month Club
Like a book club, but for movies. The best part is you get to submit a Peetime for the movie which might get selected to be added to the RunPee database – with your name in the credits. More…


Media Assets

Here are some media assets for you to use if you would like to give RunPee a shout-out and review the RunPee app for your news service or blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

king kong 2005Did you know that the idea for the RunPee app came after watching the 2005 remake of King Kong? You can read more about the history of the RunPee app, how it works, and how we get the peetimes on the FAQ page.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the app, or just want to say hi.

Test Drive the RunPee data

Want to take the RunPee data for a test drive? Try out the live demo at m.RunPee.com.

( Note: the RunPee app doesn’t look anything like that page. )

m.RunPee.com is the bare bones data for those unfortunate people stuck in the world of 2005 who don’t have a smart phone capable of running the RunPee app. It isn’t pretty but it gets the job done.

Transcendence – movie review

Grade: C I didn’t find Transcendence to be bad, but I didn’t think it was very good either. First, the opening scene in the movie is 5 years after the events that transpire. It leaves no room for suspense during the movie because you already know pretty much how things turn out – not well. […]

Popular mentions by celebrities and media

Meet the RunPee family

Dan Florio

CPO ( Chief Pee Officer )

RunPee creator and developer. I had the idea for the app and on a whim decided to build it, just for fun. I never expected it to become my full time occupation.

Now that RunPee is profitable I have time to focus on improving the service. It also gives me time to get out and travel and start working on my next career - fiction writer. I’m currently working on book two of a trilogy. All three books will be published simultaneously in the Fall of 2014. Stay tuned.

Christene Johnson

RunPee Sis

I owe a huge debt to my sister. She worked for practically nothing back when RunPee was just getting off the ground and wasn‘t making any money. She helped me keep up with the movie load so we could stay current each weekend. She also loves horror flicks which is great because without her there wouldn’t be many of those types of movies in our database.

Ginger Gardner

RunPee Mom

If you’ve used the RunPee app during a kiddy then you have RunPee Mom to thank. She loves animated kids movies of all kinds.

When she‘s not getting peetimes for movies she’s usually working on some craft project or another.

Danielle Johnson

RunPee Niece

Danielle is the pinch hitter for us. Sometimes there are four, or five movies coming out on the same weekend and we need help getting them all covered in a timely fashion. The bonus is that she loves gory horror movies even more than her mother. If there were a "Road Kill: The Crossing" movie Danielle would be there opening night.

Shanee Edwards

Movie Reviewer

If you love to see the very first showing of a blockbuster movie then you have Shanee to thank for the peetimes. She’s a film critic and entertainment writer for SheKnows.com. Most importantly she has access to movie screenings.

When she‘s not watching movies, she’s writing and directing them. You can watch her short film "Wink" by clicking here.

Here is Shanee’s filmography on IMDB.com.

Jill Florio

RunPee Wife

Jill adds the final polish to all the peetime synopsis and makes them more better. Obviously Jill doesn’t edit everything on the site, although it would be a good idea.