Indie Movie Review – Call Me Brother

Call Me Brother is a story about, surprise surprise, a pair of siblings: Brother/Tony (Andrew Dismukes) and Sister/Lisa (Christina Parrish). They are about a year apart chronologically, but were separated around the age of six and/or seven. Lisa went off to live with Mum/Rachel (Kim Lowery), while Tony stayed behind with Dad/Frank (Asaf Ronen). Ten […]


Movie Review – Before I Fall (2017)

Is Before I Fall a Groundhog Day movie? Yes. Does it have anything to offer to the genre? Again, I’d say yes. I’ll explain why, but it’s hard not to not spoil the ending. So, Before I FallĀ is Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day. But by the time Samantha realizes she is going to do a […]


Movie Review – Premature

As the resident fan of all things Groundhog Day, I try to keep up with recursive time loop stories. I just made a space in my busy (not really) schedule to view Premature. Released to little fanfare in 2014, Premature is like a modern (read: dirtier) version of an 80s John Hughes film. Did the […]


Classic Movie Review – Mean Girls

Such a cute classic teen comedy. Mean Girls isn’t striving to be a generational anthem like The Breakfast Club (an A+ movie), or even attempting to do so for young adultsĀ  — like St. Elmo’s Fire (rolling through with a B+). Still, within the limitations of being: a small story that’s simply fun, charm you […]

Virgin Movie Review – Footloose (1984)

Somehow, I’ve never seen the original Footloose before. I did catch the remake a few months back and found it mildly awful. I figured the iconic original would impress me more. It did. But only by a small margin. I cannot figure out why this movie has iconic status, much less be considered a Teen […]