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Movie Review – The Banshees of Inisherin

  The Banshees of Inisherin was a very good movie for being a slow burn, with not much happening. The sparse dialog was always compelling, the acting calibre outstanding — with the always reliable Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell shouldering the bulk — and the Irish Aran Island/Cliffs of Moher scenery was, well…spectacular doesn’t do […]

Movie Review – Nomadland

Atmosphere galore, but very little plot. Far from a happy film, there’s some good work here if you like deep character studies. Sometimes you see a movie and you know it’s a good one — by which I mean well-made, acted, and directed — but you still don’t like it. Nomadland was one of those […]

Movie Review – Five Feet Apart – Sweet, but just too depressing

Yeah, yeah, it’s sweet and touching, but why would anyone subject themselves to a movie like this if they had a choice? I don’t like dramas, because I don’t like watching people suffer and die. Not my kind of film, and I’m annoyed at the entire enterprise. Can I recommend it? No. I just don’t […]

Quiz – Schindler’s List

With the re-showing of Schindler’s List coming out soon, I wanted to do a little refresher course to reacquaint ourselves before the movie release. I would rate the difficulty of this quiz at average to hard. Good Luck.[quiz-cat id=”12222″] I tried to choose questions that would engage the user to want to know more about this […]

Movie Review – Let There Be Light

*Let There Be Light* was a gut wrenching movie to watch. The emotions oozed off the screen. I’m not a religious person, but I was moved to tears many times. I paid attention to the other people in the theater and saw that they were all on the same emotional roller coaster I was on. […]

Movie Review – A Dog’s Purpose – A Brutal Experience in Non-Stop Crying

This was a hard movie to rate, because I feel so angry at the producers for even making this emotionally manipulative sob fest. Nobody should see this. The target audience: people who love dogs beyond measure, AND don’t mind crying almost nonstop for an entire film. I can’t even begin to describe how painful this […]