Movie Review – Peace River

Peace River caught me off guard. I knew nothing about the movie going in. Lucky for me, prior to the showing there were interviews with the writer/actor, Benjamin M. Jones. He truly wrote this from his heart. I felt it throughout the entire film. The story was endearing, heartbreaking, and full of real-life situations and […]

Movie Review – Redeeming Love

I went into this thinking it would just be work and that I’d watch Spider-Man: No Way Home again afterward for my reward. To my great surprise and pleasure, Redeeming Love is a wonderful film about the Wild West, the Gold Rush, and women’s agency. It’s never boring, the characters are well-drawn and acted, the costumes are perfection, […]

Indie Documentary Review – J.R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius

First glance at J.R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius and I thought I was in for a satirical comedy at the expense of the multifarious religious groups that proliferate in the USA. Then I thought it was going to be a documentary about one of those weird denominations and its congregation. Turns out that J.R. […]

Movie Review – I Still Believe

This movie hit all the notes you would expect given its genre. There’s no doubt that it will be a crowd-pleaser. The actors did a fantastic job of delivering heartfelt and sincere dialog: that was well written. There’s really not much point in saying anything else. Grade: B About The Peetimes: The middle Peetime is […]

Movie Review – Run the Race – Faith-Based but Sad

As is my usual, I’ll address the target audience first. Run the Race has all the ingredients needed for a faith-based movie — a loss of faith, a terrible tragedy, hope, and renewal. Christians of all denominations will be satisfied, and happy with the outcome. (Does anyone write a faith-based movie where God doesn’t prevail?) […]