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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #89 (November 24th, 2021)

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The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

Ghostbusters Afterlife 

Was the wait worth it? Can we forgive GB 2 and 3, yet? Do these stairs go up?

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Also, if you’re just too full of turkey and carbs to get to the theaters this week: here’s our hasty shortlist of Thanksgiving-themed flicks to nap/burp on the couch over. And there’s more than just Planes, Trains, Automobiles…


New Movies This Week

Because of Thanksgiving, new movies this week were released Tuesday. We have Peetimes already to go for all the new releases.

RunPee News

NEW in theaters: Movie Review – Clifford the Big Red Dog
This was a delightful movie. It’s sweet and funny with a terrific message for kids and adults alike.
Grade: A
king-richard_square NEW in theaters – King Richard
I’m glad they made the movie as long as it is. (Don’t forget to go in with your Peetimes at the ready!) Honestly, I’d love to have seen more of what comes as the sisters progress. Maybe there can be a sequel someday that tells the story of their head-to-head matchups that were epic.
Grade: A
ghostbusters2_square Classic Movie Review – Ghostbusters
Hey, what are you still doing here when there’s FINALLY a worthwhile — nay, a GREAT —  sequel to Ghostbusters the First out there in theaters? Get all your Ghostbusting catchphrases up to speed here in the classic 1984 rom-com-horror-spoof before sitting down to Afterlife.
Grade: A+
resident-evil-welcome-to-raccoon-city_square NEW in theaters – Review – Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
Why is there another flick about this, when only the first was barely good? Here’s pretty much what you would expect, for RE fans.Movie: D+
House.of.Gucci_square NEW in theaters – Review – House of Gucci
House of Gucci made a very good point — just because you have money, you don’t necessarily have common sense, or morals, or the slightest clue of what’s going on around you. This was a tragic understanding of an elite family going down the toilet.Grade: A
NEW in theaters – Review – Encanto
What makes it into the A-league as a kids animation is its story. The story is actually more educational for parents than kids.Grade: A-


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