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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #68 (June 30, 2021)

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The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

Classic Movie Rewatch – Raiders Of The Lost Ark after 40 years

With the 40th anniversary release of Raiders, Rob looks back at his experience watching this in the theaters, years before there was an internet to hype up a film. He almost missed seeing it ‘live’…but nary a year has passed since when he doesn’t hit Dr. Jones up for a rewatch. Does it hold up after all this time?

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New Movies This Week

baby-boss_square The Boss Baby: Family Business
starring: Lisa Kudrow, James Marsden, Jeff Goldblum
runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes
genres: Adventure | Animation | Comedy
rating: [PG] directed by: Tom McGrath
Peetimes: I’m going to the first showing at 4:00 PM, Thursday afternoon. Peetimes will be available by 7:00 PM Eastern.
forever-purge_square The Forever Purge
starring: Ana de la Reguera, Will Patton, Josh Lucas, Cassidy Freeman
runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes
genres: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
rating: [R] directed by: Everardo Gout
Peetimes: Peetimes will be available Friday morning, July 2nd.

RunPee News

f9-fast-and-furious_square NEW in theaters: F9 (The Fast & The Furious franchise)
Well, that was disappointing. I figured they would try to top the last movie with a car chase on the moon. Instead, we got this.
Grade: D+
hobbs-n-shaw-Hobbs-1_skirt_square The Entire Backstory from Fast and the Furious
Want to get entirely caught up on the F&F franchise? With Dan’s concise explanations and the help of a few key video clips, you won’t have to sit down to an entire rewatch to remember who is who in the “Family” and why they’re showing up in F9. We also made a chart of each F&F movie, when it came out, and the aggregated movie scores from Rotten Tomatoes and the IMDb.
furious7_square Fast and the Furious – Furious 7 Movie Review
Want to rewatch an exciting, pulse-pounding version of the F&F movies that won’t let you down? Sorry F9. Furious 7 is the way to go. (The one with the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi.)
Grade: A+
the-year-the-earth-changed_square Documentary Review – The Year Earth Changed
March 2020 saw a global pandemic being declared with everyone being told to stay at home. Bad news? Only for humans, apparently!
Grade: A
thunderball_square The Big James Bond Rewatch – Thunderball (1965)
Maybe I built it up a little too much in my head over the years. Maybe it’s just that Goldfinger is such a hard act to follow. For whatever reason, I simply didn’t enjoy Thunderball half as much as I expected to.
Grade: C


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