The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #51 (March 03, 2021)

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The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.
The Unusual Tobe Jones

The Unusual, Odd-looking, Versatile Toby Jones

Beloved to the world in Harry Potter, reviled in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Jurassic World — also amusing as heck in The Hunger Games — Toby Jones is an actor you’ve seen a lot, even if you don’t remember where.


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Pee Joke of the Week

I saw a sign today that made me pee myself. It said, “TOILETS CLOSED.”


New Movies This Week

Chaos Walking Chaos Walking
starring: Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley
genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi
rating: PG-13
Peetimes: We’ll have Peetimes posted Thursday night by 10pm Eastern
Raya and the last Dragon Raya and the Last Dragon
starring: (voices) Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan
genres: Animation, Action, Adventure
rating: PG
Peetimes: We’ll have Peetimes Friday night by 9pm Eastern

RunPee News

RunPee:NX Timer Running RunPee Beta testing on iPhone has begun
If you have an iPhone and would like to get an early peak at the completely rebuilt RunPee:NX app then email me ([email protected]) and I’ll add you to the list.If you have an Android device then you can join the Open Beta Testing group anytime.IMPORTANT: the new RunPee:NX app can automatically sign you in, but ONLY if you have the latest public version of the app v5.5.5. If you would like to test then open your current RunPee app and tap on the menu icon at the top-right. At the bottom of the list will be the version number. If you do need to update then make sure you start v5.5.5 so that it can store your user ID in a location that RunPee:NX can locate.
NEW Movie Review – Tom & Jerry: The Movie NEW Movie Review – Tom & Jerry: The Movie
Tom and Jerry was as cute as I was expecting. It was fun and full of entertainment. We were in a sold out theater half filled with children and the other half with adults. I’m pretty sure I heard more adults laughing! We took our eight year old granddaughter with us and she was thrilled.
Grade: B. (And also A, graded by Savannah, age 8)


Savannah also left a brief review, and children of all ages are encouraged to comment!

Nomadland NEW Movie Review – Nomadland
Francis McDormand and David Strathairn deliver what they can to make this quiet Van Dweller’s tale come to life. As it were. It’s a nice film if you like measured scenes full of atmosphere and very, very, very little plot. I made sure to not place any Peetimes over the plot scenes that do exist, so use the RunPee app if you see Nomadland in the theater.
Grade: B-
Indie/Comedy Documentary Review - Sex, Drugs & Bicycles Indie/Comedy Documentary Review – Sex, Drugs & Bicycles
Buy one, get one free! Yes, you can have a political documentary AND a comedy. Ok, maybe it’s not screamingly funny but wryly amusing, observational humour can definitely be used as a description. Besides having sex, drugs, and bicycles — really — this documentary shows why we should all move to the Netherlands, where the people are happy, full stop.
Grade: A
Movie Review with a Groundhog Day theme - The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Review with a Groundhog Day theme – The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things
Too late for the actual rodent/shadow holiday, well… this time around! As though to prove that you can’t keep a good genre down, we have a new addition to the Groundhog Day family of films. Does it follow the rules? Is it any good? Should you watch it? Yes, yes, yes!
Grade: A


Can’t get enough of the groundhog genre? Here’s the internet’s best Groundhog Time Loop resource, and as you can see from the comments, our article keeps on growing. 

Indie Movie Review – Werewolf (Wilkołak) Indie Movie Review – Werewolf (Wilkołak)
I taught in secondary schools for fifteen years and I know that bands of feral children are something to be scared of. We’re dealing less with The Wolfman and more with Lord Of The Flies. Werewolf opens towards the end of WWI in Groß-Rosen concentration camp, and warning: this can be brutal at times.
Grade: B
Indie Movie Review - Flesh Is Heir To Indie Movie Review – Flesh Is Heir To
IMDb says: says… “A unique cinema tour de force from Cinema eVerite’, “Flesh Is Heir To” is a unique psychological thriller delving into the feminine psyche and societal sexuality standards.” So that sounds very high brow and intense… it isn’t.
Grade: D-


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