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RunPee Weekly Newsletter 20th edition (July 29th, 2020)

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The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.


Artimes Fowl
Movie Review – Artemis Fowl, from a novel novice

Does the movie make any sense if you haven’t read the book? Well, let’s give that a resounding no. Here’s why Artemis Fowl is a hot mess.



RunPee News

Avatar release dates updated

CoVid will affect movies for the next decade
The release dates for the next 3 Star Wars movies and 3 Avatar sequels have each been pushed back a year.
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Starship Troopers and Total Recall reboots

Director Paul Verhoeven & the Woeful Reboots of Robocop, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers
A lesson in how to turn classic sci-fi action romps into ludicrous remakes and sequels. Ouch.
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Movie Review – Scoob!

Movie Review – Scoob!
“It would have been a decent movie if it hadn’t been for that meddling first 50 minutes.” — Scooby Reviewer.
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Movie review: Palm Springs

Breaking down the extra scenes in Scoob!
The extra scenes in the credits of Scoob! show that Warner Bros. has grand plans for the Scoobyverse.
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San Diego Comic Con 2020 – My geeky T-shirts during the online convention

San Diego Comic Con 2020 – What I wore: Star Wars, Firefly, the MCU, Pokemon, and Harry Potter.
Although Comic Con was an at-home affair this year, I still dressed up. Sort of. Here are pictures of what geeky pleasure I celebrated each day. Which is your favorite?
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RunPee:NX Movie Info screen design

Weekly progress diary on RunPee:NX
We are rebuilding the RunPee app from scratch using Google Flutter. Here’s a brief report on our weekly progress:

The Movie Info Screen has a whole new design! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Click here to see an animated GIF of the User eXperience design for this screen and leave us a comment if you like, dislike, or have suggestions.



Don’t miss your favorite movie moments because you have to pee or need a snack. Use the RunPee app (Androidor iPhone) when you go to the movies. We have Peetimes for all wide release films every week, including Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, IF, Fall Guy, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and coming soon Inside Out 2, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Despicable Me 4  and many others. We have literally thousands of Peetimes—from classic movies through today’s blockbusters. You can also keep up with movie news and reviews on our blog, or by following us on Twitter @RunPee. If there’s a new film out there, we’ve got your bladder covered.

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  1. For NX are you still using your own back end or a cloud service?

  2. I’m using my own backend: php/MySQL. I considered a few cloud services (FireBase) but it would be SO much work to redu. And this works just fine as it is.

    Is there a backend that you’d recommend?

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