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It’s official: COVID19 will affect movie releases for the next decade

Disney has announced that all scheduled Star Wars and Avatar films between 2021 and 2027 are being pushed back one year. That means there will be no “Avatar 2” in 2021 and no new Star Wars film in 2022.

The plan all along has been for Disney to alternate releasing either a Star Wars or Avatar movie every Christmas season. The new release schedule is:

December 16, 2022: Avatar 2
December 22, 2023: Star Wars (Directed by Taika Waititi)
December 20, 2024: Avatar 3
December 19, 2025: Star Wars
December 18, 2026: Avatar 4
December 17, 2027: Star Wars
December 22, 2028: Avatar 5

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The live action reimagining of Mulan — which had been repeatedly delayed and was slated for August 21 — has been put on a shelf until there’s some reasonable certainty that a release date can be set and kept. The same goes for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet (previously set for August 12).

At this time the X-Men horror movie  The New Mutants (now owned by Disney) still has a release date set for August 28, followed by A Quiet Place II scheduled for September 4th. At this point only a fool would think those movies will actually see the light of day on those dates.

On the bright side, when there’s a vaccine and we can hopefully go back to theaters there will be blockbusters releasing every other week for a year just to clear the backlog. That’s assuming all the theater chains don’t go bankrupt before then.

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2 responses to “It’s official: COVID19 will affect movie releases for the next decade”

  1. I agree; we will have a TON of movies backlogged when things come out. But then there will be a big lull because no one is producing movies now. They aren’t discussing any of this at Comic Con, at least not as of yet, but I did see something coming up about Filming in the time of CoVid. So maybe new things are being filmed somehow.

    Remember the Writers’ Strike? I don’t remember how we pulled out of that. There seemed to be no lulls. This is magnitudes worse though.

    I hope A Quiet Place II happens. We can all sit with a 3 foot radius around us, or 6, or more, whatever is deemed safe.

    Then they can make a threequel and call it A Distant Place. (Viruses: If they’re near you, they will hunt you.)

  2. I know that The Matrix 4 is filming in Germany. I’m not sure if they had always planned on filming there or if it was an adjustment due to COVID. From what I’ve read the cast and crew went through a 2 week quarantine before shooting.

    But you’re right, production has certainly been delayed. We can only hope that they catch up faster than the backlog can be cleared.

    “Normal” is a long way off.

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