My Favorite YouTube Channels About Movies

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Pop Culture Detective

Description: A series of video essays looking at media through a critical lens with an emphasis on the intersections of politics, masculinity and entertainment. Hosted by Jonathan McIntosh.

Pop Culture Detective is hands down my favorite movie related YouTube channel. His videos aren’t short. Most of them run in the 20-30 minute range. This isn’t fast food content to ingest quickly and move on. Every one of Jonathan’s video essays is a full course meal of culture and film that will help you understand movies, and culture, better. I’d recommend every video in his library, but let’s start with his critique of How The Shawshank Redemption Humanizes Prisoners. You’ll be hooked on his videos after watching this.

Just Write

Description: Video essays on movies, literature and writing. Created by Sage Hyden.

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Just Write approaches movies from a writer’s point of view. Sage’s analysis of filmmaking and storytelling are insightful and thought provoking. One of my favorites of his is his analysis of the genre switching in Knives Out.

The Canadian Lad

Description: Videos about movie theories, reviews and Easter Eggs. Mostly about the MCU.

These videos are much more bite sized content if you want a brief break from work. Most of the videos range in the 6-10 minute range and feel like they go by even more quickly. The Canadian Lad does a lot of plot analysis of superhero movies, but what he’s most known for is his series of videos where he watches movies at 1/4 speed to look for subtle easter eggs that go by too quickly to notice at full speed. If you’re rewatching an MCU movie sometime I’d suggest watching his 1/4 speed analysis of that movie first so you can notice the subtleties during your rewatch.

Screen Junkies

Description: Enjoy our warped take on film & TV with a steady stream of pop-culture parody, original series, thoughtful commentary, and whatever we can think of next.

Best known for their series of Honest Trailers, they make hilarious videos that poke fun at movies in all genres. Most of their videos are around 5 minutes long, making them a perfect for a short break from work.

That’s my short list. What about you? Do you have any favorite YouTube movie channels?

Everything Wrong With The Jurassic Movies (YouTube series)


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  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    Thanks. That channel has come up in my suggestions a few times and I’ve caught some of their videos. They’re well made. Oddly enough, for someone who’s life sort of revolves around movies I don’t seek out a lot of upcoming movie news. I mostly enjoy the channels that break down the stories, how they work, and how they don’t work.

  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    I greatly enjoy the ones you mentioned…but I’d also add the Super Carlin Brothers. You know you love them!

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    You’re right. I’d forgotten about them. Their channel hasn’t crossed my view for some time. I saved their “How Soul fits into the Pixar Theory” to watch later, after I see the movie. Thanks for the reminder.

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