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Let’s have a moment of silence for those Bothans.

Remember Mon Mothma? She appears as a revolutionary leader in the classic Star Wars trilogy and the interestingly posed prequel Rogue One. In Return of the Jedi, she has that classic line about many Bothans dying to get the Death Star plans. (Most don’t recall that she’s referring to the Death Star II, but that’s okay). In any case, the face of the rebellion is back, and slated to appear in the upcoming Disney + show about Cassian Andor.

Rogue One spoilers ahead, in case you haven’t seen it. What is the statute of limitations on these things?

Diego Luna is onboard, of course, to reprise Cassian. Since Cassian is the lead male role in Rogue One, and we know his fate at the end, we can assume several things. The as-yet-unnamed TV series will have to show Cassian’s adventures with the rebellion before he’s chosen to abduct Jyn Erso. (From prison, remember?) So this places us in the timeline as post-Solo and pre-Rogue One. Obviously we’ll see the younger Mon Mothma, the one who wasn’t encouraging the rebels to get the Death Star plans. Isn’t it ironic?

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Happily, Alan Tudyk will reprise his brilliantly amusing role as the sarcastic re-programmed Imperial droid K-2S0. If he didn’t take the role, it would have been a galactic misstep:  Cassian Andor sans K-2 is like Han Solo without Chewbacca. Plus, K-2 brings the funny.

But who will play Mon Mothma?

The real news: Disney snagged Genevieve O’Reilly — the younger Mon Mothma actress — for the upcoming TV show. She lacks the gravitas of Jedi’s Mothma, but we can hope she’ll settle into the role as the series progresses. She was probably cast as someone who looked the part, and granted, her Rogue One role was small.

I foresee a lot of CIC briefings in our future.

Maybe we’ll get the scene where Mothma tells Cassian about his final mission. We could have a cameo of Jyn Erso, where Cassian scopes her out from afar, using those cool Star War binoculars. I bet Felicity Jones would be up for a brief appearance. We’d get to see what an interplanetary prison looks like. Cool things may await, if the show is anywhere as good as The Mandalorian.

There’s also this, which just goes to prove that Mon Mothma is iconic enough to start a meme of her own:

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