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Make a Pitcher of Margaritas for your Cinco de Mayo Movie Marathon (with a Latinx themed film list)

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Our RunPee British correspondent never had a margarita. At least not yet. I’m helping him fix this massive oversight, but he probably won’t like them: margs — and tequila — might be an acquired Mexican taste. Or rather, a part of Americana that’s been stolen borrowed from our neighbors South of the Border. Still, if you’re all set to watch a themed beverage for Cinco de Mayo, margaritas best fit the bill.

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Fresh ingredients make it better than a sugary powdered mix, if you ask me. It’s worth experimenting to concoct your own poison, based on a few simple ingredients. (Like being a scientist in a lab, if the scientists were trying to catch a buzz.)

To try a simple, fresh, slightly modified version, here’s my favorite potion:

Wasting Away in Margaritaville, a la RunPee Jilly

Ingredients and supplies:

  1. Use a mid-level tequila. Too cheap a brand tastes off, and too expensive a liquor is wasted beneath all the added sweetness.
    Photo from Amazon, where you can purchase this very pitcher. I own one too and LOVE it!
  2. Served from fresh ingredients, served on the rocks (instead of frozen/blendered) for a smoother, more classy experience. Use a pitcher if making more than one glass. A clear pitcher is the best way to enjoy your creation, or use the festively painted ceramic ones intended for Sangria.
  3. Experiment with local honey instead of white sugar as your sweetener.
  4. Use fresh limes to add juice, instead of a pre-made “Marg Flavor” mix. Keep squeezing in limes until the tequila taste is more hinted at than overpowering. (Note: If you lack limes but have a ton of lemons, you could experiment with a Margarita-ade. I had to do this in Brazil, where lemons are cheap and limes are harder to come by.)
  5. Add ice and stir.
  6. Salt the rim, first using a squeezed-out lime to get the rim of the glass moist. Pink salt is nicer (Himalayan). Or add paprika or cayenne to the white salt (be careful with cayenne!)
  7. Add a fresh lime quarter to the salted rim.
  8. Best served over ice, with a straw.
  9. Paper umbrella optional.

Bonus Points: Make a small bowl of lime quarters for extra squeezings and to look festive. A bright bowl, if you can, in primary colors. Put out a bowl of whole black olives, or chips & salsa.

Make It Extra: Serve under palm trees by the ocean. Or at least to the strains of a Mariachi Band. Even if the band on YouTube stylings come from Disneyland (just to complete the cultural appropriation theme of this post).

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PS: Micheladas are an acceptable substitute for RunPee Margs. I’ll work on a RunPee version full of fresh ingredients next. 

Movie Night Ideas to pair with Margaritas?

(Note: links go to our reviews; eventually we will rewatch and add all the reviews here. My favorite is The Milagro Beanfield War.)


The Three Amigos

The Milagro-Beanfield War


Nacho Libre

La Bamba


The Book of Life

The Night of the Iguana


Y Tu Mamá También

Like Water for Chocolate

Beach Bum

Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate  <— Spoiler version

Hecho en Mexico

The Wall of Mexico


Fan Question:

Q: I’ve got the remains of a bottle of tequila somewhere. It’s got a worm in it so I’m not sure where that puts it on the quality scale!

Is there an alternative to the salt? I don’t do salt; I don’t cook with it or sprinkle it anywhere! My father had some sort of cardiac problem when I was very young and my mother, being the woman she was, stopped using salt and now I can really taste it.

A: If there is a worm, it’s not tequila. It’s a super charged form called mezcal. It’s the difference between coffee and espresso. Eating the worm gives you extra macho points. Add more honey/sugar to cut the bitterness. Don’t skimp on the lime juice.

Minus the salt, try using a sugar/paprika rim? Or skip the rim. Try using a few drops of hot sauce to marry the sweet/sour/bitter tastes together by dropping hot sauce (lightly) onto your lime wedges and then sucking them after each sip. You’ll have to experiment to see what you like. At least this is not a bad way to make science!

How To Make 9 Classic Movie Cocktails

Indie Movie Review – The Wall of Mexico


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3 responses to “Make a Pitcher of Margaritas for your Cinco de Mayo Movie Marathon (with a Latinx themed film list)”

  1. Good grief Jilly! You had me drinking margaritas a couple of months ago! You said it was Margarita Monday or some such.

    Do I really have to drink another one?

  2. Well, it’s 05/05/21 (which is correct both in the USA and in the rest of the world!) and I made Gallo Pinto for tea tonight. Oh… that’s Costa Rican rather than Mexican…

  3. That’s okay, Rob. It’s still Latinx. I’m going out with some friends to downtown San Diego tonight and a margarita is in my imminent future.

    Let me know if you pass out. I doubt with your pharmaceutical past and future you’ll have any trouble. 😉

    Are you going to watch Milagro Beanfield War tonight? My review:

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