How to be quiet watching A Quiet Place 2

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It Emily Blunt can be silent during CHILDBIRTH, you can make it quietly though this movie.

When I watched A Quiet Place in 2018, it was a movie EVENT. No one knew how good this film was going in, but the audience quickly realized that they had to be absolutely silent, or get killed by the deadly critters who can’t see, but will hunt you if they hear you.

Or rather, if you make any noise yourself in the theater, your fellow movie-goers will wish you were dead.

So when someone in my theater rustled a bag of snacks during my viewing of A Quiet Place, everyone threw them a death glare until they shut the heck up. Seriously, I though they were going to get tossed out of the room. Or lynched. I’ve never experienced a movie where the audience participation was expected to be completely non-existent before. But it absolutely worked.

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A Quiet Place, staring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski
Seriously. No noise. Trust.

Let’s assume people don’t want you to make sounds in A Quiet Place 2. You don’t want to get tossed out, right? Here are some tips for extra silence:

  • Most important: load up your RunPee app before you sit down, and make sure you have 1. the sound off and 2. vibration on. We will silently vibrate and tell you the best Peetimes to get up for the toilet, how long you have, and what you’re missing. RunPee is the world’s best movie app, full stop.
  • Bring quiet snacks. No rustling bags. No loud crunchy food. Popcorn might not be your best choice. This isn’t a Michael Bay film with a bombastic film track. If they hear you, they will kill you. If the audience is anything like last time, you don’t want the evil eye from your fellow movie-goers.
  • Try not to slurp your beverages. Sip quietly from the side of the cup, especially when you near the bottom, with the ice and all. And don’t crunch your ice cubes. You can do this.
  • Non-squeaky shoes. Non-creaking leather jackets. Be smart!
  • If you know you’re going to get up and down to the toilet or snack bar, sit on the end. Don’t bother people trying to stay absolutely quiet to enjoy this horror-lite sci fi sequel.
  • Are you sick and snuffling? Then please STAY HOME. There are some bad viruses out there. Even if you aren’t in the theater spreading the Corona Virus around, your sniffling and coughing will only upset others and make them want to smack you upside the head.
  • Don’t talk or text or whatever. Leave the room if you must, but keep in mind this is one of those ‘experience’ movies, where you have to be a part of the plot conceit (here, total silence) to really get your full enjoyment from the film.

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