Don’t Stop Me Now – Video and Lyrics by Queen in Shaun of the Dead

I have two favorite funny zombie films, and alongside the awesome Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead is a near perfect zom-rom-com. (It’s also a great satire about modern man and modern life.) One of the best scenes features the Winchester Pub Team attacking the bar-owner-turned-zombie with pool cues, synchronized to the strains of the classic […]

Quiz – Zombieland

Who doesn’t love this classic zom-rom-com film with an ideal cast, a perfect cameo, and massive zombie shootouts? This one keeps me laughing, over and over again![quiz-cat id=”11519″] Do you recall some of mottoes to live by in Zombieland? RunPee MomRunPee Mom is our emotional bedrock. Without her, RunPee never would have lasted a decade […]

Movie Review – Overlord

Overlord wasn’t bad; it wasn’t great but it definitely wasn’t bad. At moments it bordered on campy, and then would flow back into a shoot ’em up thriller. It reminded me of the video games my husband plays. It has that type of feel, not quite real, but with a storyline you hope ends up […]

Best Rock, Pop Songs in Non-Musical Movies

If you love movies, you’re probably an aficionado of films using rock or pop hits in their stories as well. You can put this mental connection to good use if you run playlists on Alexa/Google Home/cell phone/whatever, loading it up to play songs evoking your favorite films. Use the lists all day long, to wake […]

Movie review : The Crazies

I’ve watched The Crazies a number of times now and it still holds up as an excellent example of a good zombie movie. The pacing starts off slow and builds exponentially. Many zombie movies ramp of the action and scares too quickly, creating an up and down feeling to the pace. Not in this movie. It […]

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