12 Scenes from Star Wars you won’t have missed if you had RunPee

The Last Jedi comes out next Friday, and it’s going to be the longest SW film yet. To kick off Star Wars Week, I’m making a list of iconic scenes you wouldn’t have missed if you had RunPee. Suffice to say, SPOILERS LIE AHEAD, MATEY. Stop right here if you aren’t up to speed through Rogue One.

We will start, of course, with the best moment in cinematic history…

  1. “Luke, I am your Father.” I didn’t see that one coming, but it made total sense once I heard it. People argued that Obi-Won must have been lying, but that turned out to be a misdirect (from a “certain point of view.”) – The Empire Strikes Back
  2. “I love you.” “I know.” From Empire, again. Harrison Ford improvised this line, to make one of the greatest responses to a declaration of love ever (in fact, when I got married, it was after such an exchange happened, Yes, fact). –Empire
  3. When Obi-Won put up his lightsaber, and Vader killed him. Or did he?  We never did find out what happened to his body, or exactly how powerful he became. But it was a cool moment, nonetheless – A New Hope
  4. When Anakin and Luke lose an arm – this is a Skywalker thing in middle movies, apparently. Maybe someone will lose his or her hand in The Last Jedi– Empire, & Attack of the Clones
  5. The Pod Race – make fun of The Phantom Menace all you like, but this is still a fun, exciting sequence, showing how exactly the Force can guide your reflexes. “Yipee!?” Just relax and enjoy the set piece.  – The Phantom Menace
  6. Dual of the Fates – again, from Phantom, we get an indelible scene, where Darth Maul expertly wields a double-ended lightsaber to fight off two powerful Jedi Knights/Masters. It didn’t end so well for Qui-Gon, but the music, the room’s closed shield moments, and the character emotions – all so very raw and powerful. While Qui-Gon meditates, Maul paces like a hungry tiger. It’s a great scene, showcasing one of John William’s last great iconic themes. Go listen to it on YouTube right now – it’s amazing. As far as the prequels go, this is as good as it gets.  – The Phantom Menace
  7. When Rey Uses the Force to Escape her Restraints – such a joy to see Rey learn to use her Force abilities, making Daniel Craig’s storm trooper untie her and leave his weapon behind. Funny as sh!t, and crucial to the plot. Yes, please, more like this!  – The Force Awakens
  8. When the Death Star Explodes (the first time – A New Hope). You know you cheered too. I still do. When the Millennium Falcon flies out the sun and Luke uses the Force to guide his torpedoes, movie magic happened, set to the powerful *Mars Theme*. “Whoohoo! Come on kid, let’s blow this thing and go home!”
  9. When Vader Sees his Son with his Own Eyes. Yeah, I kind of cried. So much that needed to come to pass in this story happened right here. (Ignore the silly Ewoks.) – Return of the Jedi
  10. The entire rescue sequence with Jabba. This is great stuff, and the last time we really saw the “trio” make it work. – Return of the Jedi.
  11. The Cantina Scene. What can I say? You love it too. Nothing really significant happens here, but I would never want you to miss this. The Force Awakes recreates this a little, and that’s cool too. – A New Hope (And Force Awakens.)
  12. When the original Death Star enters Scarif’s stratosphere for one real reason – to punish Orson Krennic. He’s on the walkway, looking towards the sky, and sees his own weapon aimed directly at him. Yes. It’s a frightening moment, even though we don’t like Krennic. What a fantastic and iconic scene, with a weapon we really thought we couldn’t be moved by again, after all these years. – Rogue One

What did I miss? Add your best scenes in the comments below.