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The RunPee app does much, much, more than just tell you the best time to run and pee without missing anything. You’ll also be able to:

  • Constantly be updated with Peetimes for the latest movies. (Updated every Friday afternoon, and often Thursday nights.)
  • Use our Built in Timer that gives you vibration alerts when Peetimes are coming up.
  • Discover if there’s anything after the end credits – a favorite bonus!
  • Use the Running Late feature, where we describe the 1st three minutes of the film.
  • Read our own movie reviews.
  • Get the latest critic and audience scores from
  • Read movie details on
  • Post a movie review to Twitter without typing anything.
  • See 3D ratings by other RunPee users.
  • Quick and easy check-in with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.



RunPee Android App in Development


Movie Website Saving Bladders one Mobile Application at a Time

Subject of press release: Release of an Android mobile phone application for the movie website

Contact: Dan Florio
Address: RVing across the USA
Phone: 310-977-0553
URL: [links for the phenomenal media coverage on]

Southern California – – the next best thing to a pause button at the movies – has an iPhone application you can download, reminding you when it’s “safe” to hit the restrooms during new cinema flicks. Now, Android cell phone users don’t have to feel left out of the crowd. RunPee now has an Android RunPee Application to rival the one currently enjoyed by iPhone users.

Dan Florio, owner and creator of, says, “Each movie has a couple scenes that are not crucial to the plot, that you can safely miss and still follow the storyline when you sit back down. Android users have been clamoring for their own version of the popular iPhone RunPee app. We are happy to report it’s being created as I speak. We expect to roll out the Android RunPee app by Mid-August or September. ”

Florio created the website and app to help people enjoy their movie going experience, quipping, “Because a bladder is a terrible thing to hold.” He came up with the idea during the 3-hour run time of Peter Jackson’s King Kong, where he said he wished someone could have told him when to duck out from the movie and, well…run pee. Since then, Florio has seen a lot of movies, paying closest attention to the parts that are okay to miss. The Global Mail reports, “Florio looks for scenes that can easily be summed up in words “like a long car chase” or (are) simply so unexciting they can be recapped without sacrificing drama.”

These days, RunPee is universally lauded as a novel and important new Internet innovation. Comedy Central calls it “the solution to cinematic urination.” CNET hails, “Genius!” while the Calgary Sun (Canada) notes, “it’s taken off to become an online and pop sensation.” Entertainment Weekly, KNBC, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fox News, Boston Herald, the New York Times, LA Times, Gizomodo and agree that Florio created something brilliant.

Why make a RunPee Mobile App? Florio says it’s in response to literally thousands of inquiries from the mobile-app-savvy crowd. “People don’t want to have to remember to print out their PeeTimes before leaving the home,” he says. “They want to know when to run pee with the immediacy made possible by smart phones, like Android, Noka, iPhone and Blackberry.”

For more information, contact Dan Florio [] or visit and the


My experience with the iTunes app store

I just finished reading’s Striking It Rich: Is There An App For That? I concur with what many of the developers report. Because of the huge amount of publicity that Apple gets, and RunPee itself has gotten more than it’s fair share, people think that I must be making money faster than I can count it. Truth be told if all my money were in dollar bills I could count it all in about 1 minute.

RunPee has been hugely popular this summer and I’ve put a great deal of effort into keeping it there and preparing for the future. I’ve made a version for basic mobile phones – – and I’m working on rebuilding the site to support any language, like Chinese, German, French, Spanish, etc. Because of that I’ve only worked on two freelance projects this summer and one of them netted me a big fat zero in income. Fortunately the other project was with an old client of mine which made me a few thousand dollars. Without that I would be in a deep financial hole.

I was comfortable with taking on fewer freelance projects because I knew how many downloads the app was getting and therefore how much money I would eventually make. At least I thought I did.

The RunPee iPhone app didn’t come out until the 1st of July. Apple states that they will pay developers their share of money within 45 days of the end of each month. Unfortunately I based my finances around that. I knew exactly how many downloads there were each day and just did the math. It is easy to calculate how much I should get paid and the deadline for getting that money. My first check – going to RockSoftware who developed the app for me – would pay for the app development and net me a little more than $1,000+.

However that was not the case. RockSoftware did receive a check in mid September but for only about half of the downloads. It was a mystery to everyone as to why there was less money than expected. Then a few days ago RockSoftware received another check that seems to cover all of the downloads for July – over three weeks late. It’s hard to tell just what each check covers because, as I’m told, the reports that Apple produces with their payments are horribly complex and almost impossible to decipher. Basically, Apple will pay you what they want when they want to. And there’s not a whole lot you can do about it but wait.

The app has sold pretty well and fortunately wasn’t too terribly expensive to develop – which I had to pay for. But I would say that developing for the iPhone is far more expensive than developing Flash applications. As a Flash developer I could have developed an app that has all the features that the iPhone app has – plus local storage and vibration for the Timer – in 15 hours max. It took the iPhone developer for RunPee at least 3-times that long to develop the app. From talking with a few peers that do both iPhone and Flash development they report that there are a lot of simple things on the iPhone that are very tedious to make work correctly. Most of that is because it’s an immature platform. Flash has been around for 10+ years and has an amazing set of tools to work with. Maybe iPhone development will get there someday.

The bottom line is that eventually I’ll start seeing a nice steady income from the sales of the RunPee iPhone app. Nothing that I can retire on but it will help pay the bills while I work on my next project. But I can tell you this now: there will never be another iPhone app associated with any of my projects. Well, I take that back. One of my projects, a game, will have an iPhone app. But I won’t sell it through the iTunes store. It will only work on unlocked iPhones. I know that’s a small percentage but it beats being beholden to Apple and their control-freakish culture. Hopefully more and more developers will go that route and force Apple into some changes. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. info

If you have registered for the mobile version of RunPee then the code will try to add a cookie so that you don’t have to login every time you visit. However, a lot of mobile browsers don’t work well with cookies. So I’m really sorry if you get prompted to login every time you visit the home screen. I’ll keep looking for ways to save the data that might work on more mobile phones out there. That’s why mobile phone development is so hard: because there are so many different browsers to work around.

The RunPee app for BlackBerry phones will probably not be done this year – if ever. It turns out that it is very expensive to create apps for BlackBerry and one app won’t work on all of the phones. Which really seems pretty stupid to me. At least you have now.

The significant difference between and the iPhone app – or any other RunPee app – is that the website can’t vibrate your phone right before a PeeTime is about to start and can’t do local storage. Both of those features will be part of every app – and part of the update to the current iPhone app which will be ready as soon as Apple gets their head out of their ass.

I’m totally new to building websites for mobile phones. In fact I haven’t written that much HTML in years. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

RunPee on BlackBerry

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a RunPee BlackBerry app? A lot of people think so. We were hoping to have one ready by now – but have run into nothing but snags.

Here is the speck for the app: (It would be very similar to the iPhone app which you can see here.)

Basic Navigation

  • Basic navigation of the movies – using the same RunPee API that the iPhone app uses. It returns an XML data set.
  • Navigate from any movie to the PeeTimes for that movie – if there are any.
  • From each PeeTime navigate to the synopsis of what happens during that PeeTime.

Timer for the Blackberry App

  • From any PeeTime screen display a button to show the timer.
  • Timer screen displays a start button with instructions to press when the movie starts.
  • When the Timer is started it will display a screen showing the user options for how long before each PeeTime to give a warning vibration: 0, 1, 2, 4 minutes.
  • When the timer is running it will keep track of the PeeTimes for the movie that was being viewed when it was started.
  • As the Timer counts up to a PeeTime minus the warning time it will vibrate.

Other App Abilities

  • Ability to store movie/PeeTime data for use when offline. So that the user can browse to the movie they plan to see while connected and then be able to use the app in the theater even if there is no cell reception.
  • Display an info screen that loads data from the RunPee server.
  • Ability to display multiple character sets. Currently is only in English but soon there will be translations for Chinese, German, French, etc.
  • Ability to run in the background – so that the timer will keep counting even if the user leaves the app.

If you are a BlackBerry developer, and would interested in building this for RunPee, then email me – polyGeek [at] this domain – and give me an estimate on the cost and how much time it would take.

RunPee iPhone Upgrade Vibrates to Cue Movie Viewers about PeeTimes

Major Upgrade to Popular Movie Companion iPhone App Provides Relief without Rudeness

Subject of press release: Major upgrade to the iPhone application for the bladder-relieving movie website, adding discrete vibration and local data storage.

Concept and website
Contact: Dan Florio
Address: Los Angeles, California
Phone: 330-353-9338
Mobile Application Development:
URL: [links for the phenomenal media coverage on]

Los Angeles, CA –, the next best thing to a pause button at the movies, has an iPhone application you can download, reminding you when it’s “safe” to head to restrooms during current cinema flicks. A major upgrade unveiled now vibrates when it’s time to make a movie break, and also offers local data storage for both iPhone and iTouch users.

The RunPee Mobile iPhone Upgrade Includes:

  • Local Storage: the app now has the ability to store data so that it can be accessed while offline. If you own an iTouch, or if you think you’ll be out of cell phone range at the the movie theater, you simply browse to the movie that you plan to see – while still connected – and that data will be available to you later if you are offline.
  • Timer vibration: the timer will now automatically vibrate the phone before each PeeTime in a movie. No need to whip out your iPhone in the screening room AT ALL.
  • “What’s Hot” button displaying choice movies from week-to-week.
  • RunPee Updates Twitter Feed showing recently added PeeTimes and other news for app users on the go.
  • Soon the iPhone app will offer support for many other languages just as the website now does.

This upgrade is free to everyone already owning the RunPee Mobile application on the iPhone and iTouch. New app purchases at iTunes cost only 1.99.

Dan Florio, owner and creator of, says, “iPhone users have been worried about having to take their phones out in the screening room to track upcoming PeeTimes. Even though the touch screen is mostly black, it’s still been an etiquette issue. Now we’ve totally solved that problem. No one has to actually pull the phone from their pocket until they hit the lobby or the restroom!”

Florio created the website – partnering with RockSoftware to produce the mobile apps – to help people enjoy their movie going experience, quipping, “Because a bladder is a terrible thing to hold.”

The upgraded iPhone app starts a countdown, once set at the start of a film, to cue the movie-goer when PeeTimes begin. Before each PeeTime, the phone will vibrate, quietly letting the viewer know it’s time to get up and “head for the head.” The local storage update will also let iTouch users, and offline phone users, know when to get up and go.

Once in the restroom (or at the concession stand), the viewer can view the “spoiler” to find out what is happening on-screen. No more asking, “What did I miss?” or wondering if you left during a serious plot reveal.

For more information, contact Dan Florio [] or visit and the


Screen shots are free to use.

RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 Cues for a movie.
RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 New info page
RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 Movie list
RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 plot summary
RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 Example of an alert that displays when the timer is running and it comes to a PeeTime.
RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 User setting to determine how many minutes before each PeeTime the vibration/alert should be displayed. Since PeeTimes are approximate I would suggest at least a 2 minute offset. This way if a user did intend to use this PeeTime they could go to the theater exit and wait for the cue to happen and thus get a head start.
RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 Example of the timer running.
RunPee iPhone app version 1.1 New updates section where users can check for RunPee news: new PeeTimes, updates, etc.

Cellular Pros and Cons Emerge for AT&T iPhones

Here is a copy of an article I wrote in 2007 right after the iPhone first came out. I listed the good, bad and ugly aspects of the phone and my thoughts on how successful the phone would be. Little did I know then about all the potential applications that would become available for fun and profit! With the iPhone leading the way on downloadable applications, it’s no wonder we chose to make our very first RunPee app for the iPhone!

Bellevue, WA 2007 – Around the nation, early tech adopters awaited the pleasure of plunking half a grand down for the long anticipated iPhone. As proclaims (June 29, 2007), “The doors of Apple and AT&T stores opened promptly at 6 p.m. EDT with cheers from employees and eager customers.”

Just as gamers camped outside Best Buys for the newest Xbox 360 console in late 2005, tech geeks set up comfortable chairs and blow-up beds in line outside Apple stores, days before the big iPhone release. The one per customer iPhone rule at AT&T outlets didn’t diminish early adopter enthusiasm for the smartest phone on the market.

For business travelers telecommuting from Timbuktu, the iPhone offers:

  • cell phone use along with
  • a camera for stills and vids,
  • a stock checking icon,
  • grid map and satellite area view features,
  • your basic PDA functions,
  • iPod MP3 capacity and
  • full-screen WIFI web surfing.
  • With a touch-screen display.
  • And it plays YouTube videos. It’s the first true all-in-one device, and might be the Blackberry killer many anticipate.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer (June 27, 2007) reports AT&T’s iPhone rate plans will start at $59.99 a month for 450 minutes, $79.99 for for 900 minutes and go to $99.99 for 1350 minutes. These plans will offer 200 text messages, unlimited data services and month to month roll over minutes, and charge a $36 activation fee. Family plans will also be available. Best part about AT&T’s plan – customers will be able to activate their service AND transfer their existing cell phone numbers from home, using iTunes software. Much better than waiting at phone counters for service reps to get you going.

The AT&T exclusive carrier plan aims to be competitive with Sprint Nextel and Verizon “premium” plans. So, while upfront iPhone costs are high, the monthly service aims at middle market cell phone users.

iPhone Pros…

Business travelers tired of toting laptops onto airplanes can have all the abilities of their notebook at 1/8th the size, PLUS a cell phone. Use the iPhone to check stock quotes from the airport or scan silly videos at Starbucks. Write a blog on a beach, listening to Jimmy Buffet playlists.

Sounds ideal? No one needs to know you aren’t at the office anymore. For business trips of less than a week it’s a boon to put a real computer in your pocket and leave the laptop at home. Avoid carrying multiple chargers. No more juggling numerous hand held devices. The iPhone is also plain old pretty with that huge screen. The touch controls are surprisingly easy to use.

iPhone Cons…

  • iPhone is just as proprietary as any Apple software product.
  • The battery pack is soldered on, so you have to buy a new phone when the battery wears down.
  • You are stuck with carrier AT&T.

Seattle web designer (and frequent traveler) Thomas Driggers encourages a “wait and look before you leap” purchase approach.

“A year from now,” says Driggers, “other phones will come out that will do all the same stuff. The market will explode and all the smart phone prices will come down. Strictly based on Apple’s prior history, with its proprietary environments like iTunes, there may be issues with implementation of iPhone features. It’s probably not going to be universal.”

He concludes, “Apple devices usually costs more than the competition, are typically proprietary, and I am not convinced the iPhone is all that groundbreaking in any case. Applites are the ones buying this. Apple is not winning any new customers with it.”

The exclusive five year carrier contract with AT&T…

There are a lot of AT&T haters on the Internet. AT&T’s iPhone internet connection is awfully slow, bringing back bad memories of dial-up days long past.

Notwithstanding AT&T’s reported low ratings in service and coverage, other cell phone providers are worried about the Apple/AT&T merger.

Yahoo Finance (June 29,2007) reports Verizon Wireless “may cede customers to AT&T as they make the switch to access the iPhone”, despite Verizon’s historically great track record for retaining customers. offers a comparison of cell phone carriers, listing Verizon and T-Mobile as most highly ranked overall, “easily besting Cingular [/AT&T] in nearly every performance factor.”

iPhone Soap

There may be an app for everything…but can you use your iPhone to slough off grime and dead skin cells? We think not. Well, not yet. But there’s an iPhone soap to the rescue! iphone soap

The iPhone soap actually looks like an iPhone. With little apps. If you can’t afford a real iPhone, you might even fool a few foolish people when you carry it around with you. Whip it out and tell your broker to sell! REALLY LOUDLY!

You know I want one of these soaps. I love batshit crazy things like this. I want to pretend to have important business calls in the shower with my iPhone. I want to pretend I will take your call while lounging in a bubble bath strewn with rose petals. Plus, the soap smells like vanilla, which is apparently what geeks smell like.

If the RunPee app was featured on the soap it would be durn near perfect.

Maybe we can special order these soaps with the RunPee app and give them away at blog functions? Who would like one?

RunPee FAQ Updated

urinary bladder from wikipediaThings are happening fast behind the scenes here at RunPee Central, so it was high time to update our RunPee FAQ Page.

We added information on our new RunPee iPhone app, on other Smartphone apps a-brewing for you, and added links to useful stuff like how we make a PeeTime. As in exactly how we do it; there’s certainly an aquired knack and if you want to make PeeTimes, you can do what we do to not get tossed from the screening room!

Anything else you’d like to see added to the FAQ page? Please comment and let us know – we’re here to serve you and your bladder.

RunPee FAQ Page

iPhone RunPee App Reviews – we’re brilliant!

Tom Gromak of the Detroit News got his hands on our new iPhone RunPee download from iTunes. He neatly sums up why the the RunPee mobile app 1.0 version is so useful for cinematic movie-goers:

Tom Gromak of detroit news“…I feared that using the site to plan ahead would allow me to see spoilers that might ruin the experience. Worse, I worried that firing up the site on my iPhone’s Safari browser in the theater would raise the blood pressure of those sitting around me.

“But the iPhone app is well-thought. Its yellow and off-white text on a black background isn’t likely to get you tossed (or to get popcorn tossed at you). Like the website, you browse for the movie you’re seeing, and you’re presented with a series of times (displayed in terms of minutes into the movie) and cues (usually a line delivered by an actor) telling you when it’s safe to run and for how long. The app includes a timer for tracking your progress into the film. A planned update not yet implemented can even alert you by vibrating the phone as each potential bathroom break approaches.

He also calls the RunPee website and the entire idea “brilliant”…we like hearing that. And being called genius. It just never gets old. I mean, have you SEEN our In the News page? Yegads; in a good way. And keep those suggestions coming to improve the app for version 2.0 (all updates are free to you, of course).

Get your own RunPee app for only 99 cents! (links to iTunes RunPee page)