The app that tells you the best time to Run & Pee during a movie so you don’t miss the best scenes.

Try it for free (Learn more.)

Try it for free (Learn more.)

RunPee Android App in Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Movie Website Saving Bladders one Mobile Application at a Time Subject of press release: Release of an Android mobile phone application for the movie website Contact: Dan Florio Company: Address: RVing across the USA Phone: 310-977-0553 Email: [email protected] URL: [links for the phenomenal media coverage on] Southern California […]

My experience with the iTunes app store

I just finished reading’s Striking It Rich: Is There An App For That? I concur with what many of the developers report. Because of the huge amount of publicity that Apple gets, and RunPee itself has gotten more than it’s fair share, people think that I must be making money faster than I can […] info

If you have registered for the mobile version of RunPee then the code will try to add a cookie so that you don’t have to login every time you visit. However, a lot of mobile browsers don’t work well with cookies. So I’m really sorry if you get prompted to login every time you visit […]

RunPee on BlackBerry

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a RunPee BlackBerry app? A lot of people think so. We were hoping to have one ready by now – but have run into nothing but snags. Here is the speck for the app: (It would be very similar to the iPhone app which you can see here.) […]

Running Late To Your Film? We tell you what happens in the 1st Three Movie Minutes in the RunPee app

Here at RunPee World Domination Headquarters we’re always thinking about ways we can enslave you serve you better. 🙂 To that end, we added a hugely popular benefit for the fans in the RunPee app, called RunningLate. We give you a good description of the 1st three minutes of every movie we track Peetimes for […]

RunPee iPhone Upgrade Vibrates to Cue Movie Viewers about PeeTimes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Major Upgrade to Popular Movie Companion iPhone App Provides Relief without Rudeness Subject of press release: Major upgrade to the iPhone application for the bladder-relieving movie website, adding discrete vibration and local data storage. Concept and website Contact: Dan Florio Company: Address: Los Angeles, California Phone: 330-353-9338 Email: [email protected] Mobile […]

Cellular Pros and Cons Emerge for AT&T iPhones

Here is a copy of an article I wrote in 2007 right after the iPhone first came out. I listed the good, bad and ugly aspects of the phone and my thoughts on how successful the phone would be. Little did I know then about all the potential applications that would become available for fun […]

iPhone Soap

There may be an app for everything…but can you use your iPhone to slough off grime and dead skin cells? We think not. Well, not yet. But there’s an iPhone soap to the rescue! The iPhone soap actually looks like an iPhone. With little apps. If you can’t afford a real iPhone, you might even […]

RunPee FAQ Updated

Things are happening fast behind the scenes here at RunPee Central, so it was high time to update our RunPee FAQ Page. We added information on our new RunPee iPhone app, on other Smartphone apps a-brewing for you, and added links to useful stuff like how we make a PeeTime. As in exactly how we […]

iPhone RunPee App Reviews – we’re brilliant!

Tom Gromak of the Detroit News got his hands on our new iPhone RunPee download from iTunes. He neatly sums up why the the RunPee mobile app 1.0 version is so useful for cinematic movie-goers: “…I feared that using the site to plan ahead would allow me to see spoilers that might ruin the experience. […]

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